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Mobile version and Apps

The mobile version of a website is simply a copy of your website, designed to fit the screen of a smartphone or tablet. This is often a simpler version, which allows you to view content quickly on a touch screen, from a web browser. If your website does not have a copy in a mobile version, or is not responsive, it just may not be readable on smartphone … and thus you lose a large audience. Note: If a mobile version of a site is easier to develop a site responsive, In case of update, you will need to update separately the two versions of the site. Also, links to the same content on your website or your mobile version will be different, which may cause compatibility problems. A mobile version also does not take into account the screen size on which it is accessed, which makes it not suitable for 100% of smartphones and tablets.

Mobile application:
In contrast to the mobile version, which can be consulted from a web browser, mobile application (or app) is like a software you can install on your smartphone. If your customers install your mobile application, they can access the content directly with a logo on the menu on their phone.we develop mobile apps for android,ios,blackberry and much more!

It is important to remember that these concepts can be quite complementary. Although Internet browsing via smartphone is becoming more popular, it is always essential to have a traditional website. Then choose if you prefer to create a responsive website or mobile version for browsing smartphone. Having a mobile version of the web cast will also prevent you not to launch a mobile application.