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Total cost for your PC need :
[field11+field22+field26+field25+field24+field23+field67+field68] francs

Additional packages PC

hard drive password protection
Virus removal
Data recovery10,000frs for every 100Gb hdd size
automatic backup
Automatic maintenance
Antitheft security

Total cost for your PC need :
[field11+field22+field26+field25+field24+field23+field67+field68] francs

Total cost for your ordered t-shirts:
[(field11*field66)+field52] francs
How many T-shirtsMinimum order is 15,greater commands will have reductions
Type of clothesselect
tshirt colourpick one!
Latest date you expect to have the productsDateline
Detail descriptions of your tshirt needsExplain
0 / 250
upload logo or tshirt graphics

Total cost for your ordered t-shirts:[(field11*field66)+field52] francs

Total cost for your website design order :

Additional web packages

AppAdd mobile app(android)
RegistrationOnline user registration
Multipage RegistrationMulti page regsitration page
Newsletteradd newsletter
SEOSearch engine optimization:Your website appears on page 1 of google searches;the only solution to get clients without thoughts!
LogoLogo Design
Hosting & Domainwebsite hosting + Domain

Who will be maintaining the website for me,can`t I do it myself?

Our design is user-friendly,any body can edit,but we are always ready to update your website for you freely;our aim is not simply to design websites but to make your business grow

Is that all?

yes,you will only have to pay a kind of tax or hosting+ domain tax every year(30,000frs),this is to keep the site visible on the internet,but you start paying from the second year after we have designed and launch the website online.

Take a look on our clients websites or the websites we have designed,our trust and experience

Total cost for your website design order :
[field11+field12+field15+field27+field19+field18+field35+field36+field41] francs
Graphic design service
Details of the design you want from UsFlyers,magazines,brochures,banners,cd covers,book covers.....
0 /

Total cost for your graphic designing training program :
Graphic Design Training (fast and slow training)

Total cost for your website design training program :
[field11+field85] francs
Website Design Training (fast and slow training)
Webdesign Training:weekly programsOnly on Webnesdays,Fridays,saturdays and sundays for now!!!!

  • Basic Web development
  • The difference between HTML and XHTML
  • CSS syntax
  • JavaScript syntax
  • Differences between HTML5 and HTML 4
  • HTML5: new elements and attributes
  • Basic color theory principles
  • Considerations for print and web
  • Rules of typography and when how professionals break the rules
  • Photoshop workspace and work images
  • Section 508 compliance considerations
  • Phases of the design process
  • Browser support for CSS
  • Wordpress
  • Joomla

  • Total cost for your graphic designing training program :

    Total cost for your website training program :

    Total cost for your computer repair training program :
    computer Maintenance Training (fast and slow training)

    Introduction to PC Maintenance and Repair

    Instruction Set 2

    Introduction to Hardware and Software

    Preparing for Your Career as a PC Maintenance and Repair Technician

    Instruction Set 3

    System Boards and Component Identification

    Understanding Memory

    Working with Disk Drives

    Instruction Set 4

    Installation and Support of Hard Drives

    Multimedia — CD and DVD Drives

    Power Supplies

    Basic Troubleshooting and Support

    Multimeter Operation Manual

    Equipment: Multimeter

    Instruction Set 5

    External I/O Devices and Printers

    Notebooks, Laptops, and PDAs

    PC-to-PC Modems and the Internet

    Buying and Building a PC

    Instruction Set 6

    Viruses and Disaster - Data Protection

    and Recovery

    Introduction to Operating Systems

    Standard Operating and Maintenance Procedures

    Total cost for your computer repair training program :
    Data Recovery Questionnaire
    Do you authorize Sagicam to release media and/or any recovered files to anyone other than you?If yes list names
    Tell us what happened to the data storage media device...more details
    0 /
    What kind of files need to be recovered? (for example, QuickBooks, pictures, music, etc.)more details
    0 /
    Has this media been evaluated by any other computer repair and/or data recovery company ?more details
    0 /
    Has the media been opened?pick one!
    Are all components of the media original?
    If you answered No which components have been replaced? (PCB, USB bridge, etc.)more details
    0 /
    Will you be providing your own storage media (external HDD, thumb drive) to have the recovered data copied on to?
    Do you need expedited services? *Extra fees apply for expedited services

    Any personal media brought in needs to be completely blank of any data.

    All data is the property of the owner of the media, and as such will not be transferred, displayed,
    described, copied, or otherwise transmitted to any third party without prior consent, except what
    is required by law. (E.G. child pornography, terrorism, etc.)
    Sagicam`s personnel are not in the business of copyright enforcement. Therefor it is the
    responsibility of the owner of such media to maintain authorization for the us of copyright
    materials on their respective storage media.
    No one is allowed within our laboratory during any recovery procedures except authorized
    employees of Sagicam International. This includes both guests of employees, as well as customers.
    Upon request recovery procedures may be performed on computers that are disconnected from
    the internet and other networks with the potential for outside access.
    Employees are not allowed to bring any media storage devices from the laboratory including
    Hard Drives, CDs, DVDs, USB Thumbdrives, and other similar devices unless such devices
    have been verified as securely wiped clean of all customer data by a controlling member of the
    Recovery technicians are not permitted to browse through recovered data of customers beyond
    what is necessary for the process of recovering and verifying the integrity of the data.
    These policies are strictly enforced at all times.
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