Since 2014, Sagicam has delivered professional website design services to clients all over the world. We’re not only one of the leading Website Design and Development service professionals. We provide booster tools (SEO) to our clients and other businesses. We are powered by our team. We set our sights on greatness and nothing more gives us satisfaction than seeing happy clients. More about Sagicam.

Best IT company in Cameroon Sagicam International

About me: Connect with Nguetnya Bernard
Founder & CEO:Bernard has worked with International organizations and schools: Maarif Foundation under the Turkish government as their National IT administrator(database admin, network, webmaster, computer science teacher, graphic designer) and has equally worked with Amity international college under the same positions.

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Best IT company in Cameroon Sagicam International

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Founder & CEO: Connect with Nguetnya Bernard

Nguetnya Bernard began his career as a website designer and developer since 2012 but officially opened his own company SAGICAM in the year 2014. He has hands of expertise in UI / UX Design, Front-end Services, Responsive HTML5, CSS3, jQuery. Also best in WordPress, Magento, Joomla and PHP. He also specializes in Computer Networking, Computer Programming, Computer Maintenance, Data recovery… he is a resigned  employee of the Turkish government where he worked as the IT Administrator, Teacher, Graphic designer, network administrator and National student database administrator for Cameroon schools.. With eight (8) years of unique designing skills, project management experience, he secured several long-enduring customer relationships that were the pillars for the founding of SAGICAM. Since its founding, Bernard has led the SAGICAM team while serving a wide variety of clients that includes many small businesses, IT professionals, web design studios, web consultancies, and large corporations as well. As CEO, Bernard has placed special emphasis on the objectives and aims of his individual client’s business, security, privacy, and costs by focusing on continuous improvements in technologies and technical skills. His strong will and determination to succeed has motivated the team members of SAGICAM and this has enhanced the growth of the company tremendously.

International Developer: Expert services in Web design, PHP, Database, JavaScript, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Node Js, and Angular Js.
Partner of Hemmersbach GmbH & Co. KG Nuremberg.

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Best IT company in Cameroon Sagicam International

Our core values
Our main priority is to give our very best in whatever we do and all other things follow suit.

We can be Easily Approached
We have implemented the policy of confidence and trust in all our clients because we don’t want them to feel threatened in any way. When our clients demand that we finish their complex or complicated tasks on time and within their budget, they can easily approach us.

Increase in Creativity
There is an increase in creativity with our passion and innovation to provide solutions that are suitable for our client’s businesses without affecting their budget. This is to help us deal with the competition from other digital agencies or companies.

Being Original
Since the business market is strongly competitive, it is important for us to create and implement a strong brand that our clients can trust. This can only be achieved with our originality which will help to distinguish our brand successfully from others.

We stand for Evolution and Growth
We can proudly say that we are dynamic, we are not static. This is because we strongly believe that our team can adapt to current situations or conditions. Because of the care we have for our audience, we help them to make the changes that are essential for them to survive and meet their various needs.+

We Plan Ahead
Since technology is constantly changing, we always practice and look for ways to put in place latest technologies and execution methodologies to give solutions to all our client’s worries. We plan heavily and seriously on the future for you.

We easily adapt to Professionalism
We try our utmost best to be professional in all the services we provide. This helped us a lot in gaining great value in the eyes of our clients. Our clients and partners complimented and appreciated us for being professional and dedicated to our services.

Proud to be Consistent
It is our greatest concern and worry not to disappoint our customers and their passion for getting quality digital solutions by changing or compromising the way we work. In our approach of being consistent, we have realized great and extraordinary results and as a result of this, our clients can never doubt or fear our capabilities and experience.

We are being Uncontrollable.
In our world of today and it’s fast increase in technology, to be simply innovative will not really help you to grow. Most times, you have to become turbulent or uncontrollable. When it concerns providing technological and digital solutions, SAGICAM is uncontrollable in the industry with a great idea of solutions that is being mixed correctly with talent and innovative ideas.

We’re Trustworthy
We are aware of the importance of a strong relationship with our partners and clients. Given the fact that trust is supreme in any relationship, especially when it comes to business, we are therefore building a trustworthy environment which will help us to grow our clients and customer relationship.You can visit our Facebook page for more details.

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