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Application development Cameroon

conception de logiciels et d'applications personnalisées avec interface conviviale cameroun

Application development Cameroon:Design of software and customized applications.We are leaders in the design and development of collaborative web applications. Whether it’s management, production or organization software, we tailor your program.Our know-how allows us to intervene in all areas of activity, for companies of all sizes and for communities and associations.application Application development Cameroon,design of software customized applications with user friendly interface.Mobile applications and website integration CameroonWe accompany you in the study and the reflection around your project and proceed, after audit of your need, with a complete and free estimate. Our methods guarantee a quality software and mobile apps at a controlled cost, and respecting 100% of your expectations.Your bespoke software Made by Sagicam -Specific software benefits.

We develop software for your account that blends into your organization and your information system.Unlike standard software, each of its features is developed to meet your needs.

Adapted to your organization, innovative and evolving, it will be created with you to remain ergonomic, efficient and secure.
Whether it is to ensure your commercial management (quotes, orders, invoices …), your management of stock, parks, guarantee the traceability of your products or improve your planning of goods or people. ERP or CRM, we develop your personalized software respecting the essential rules to the comfort of the users:software design,application design.

1- An ergonomic interface, refined and clear.

2- Respect constraints related to your activity and your budget.

3- The absence of superfluous functions.


We design your application with technologies adapted to our time. This is why we prefer the development of web applications that are primarily programs that can be used from an Internet browser. They do not require any installation on the users’ computers.

These are above all collaborative and professional applications rich in features and different from simple websites.
A simple web browser is enough. This eliminates the constraints inherent to multiple operating systems (Mac, Windows or Linux) as well as those of different platforms (PCs, tablets and smartphones).

Thus, access to the application can be done permanently, from anywhere in the world when the user has an Internet connection; in this case it is an extranet access. However, you can reserve access to your application only to your company’s internal network, also known as the intranet.

A 100% WEB technology will bring you a great added value, namely:

1- This solution offers a wider spectrum in terms of functionality and ergonomics.

2- It will not be necessary to purchase user and server licenses.

3- Administration is centralized and updates are automatically deployed by web browsers.

We define with you the contours of your project by accompanying the drafting of your specifications. Our quotes are free, complete and detailed.
At this point, it’s a question of precisely defining all the rules of management, the design as well as all the screens of your future application.
Our programmers analysts develop your software in the rules of the art and in the respect of the conventions.
We perform unit and load tests when it comes to recovering your own data.
We install your software and accompany you in its handling.

application development,design of software and customized applications with user friendly interface.Mobile applications and website integration Cameroon yaounde douala chad Application development Cameroon

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