Best cheap computer training classes

best cheap computer training classes

Description of course-computer training classes:You are a computer beginner or you have a bit of knowhow but would like to know a little more?

Our Training Programs


Remember, IT is everywhere in our lives, every day! Learn to better control tools today!

Contact us for a private lesson at your house, office or company. A technician will come to your home for one or more sessions depending on the chosen time:

Operation of a computer (a little history, components of a PC, …)

Operation and use of Windows (core registry, maintenance, tools, …)

Basic course on using the Office suite (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, …)

Advanced excel functions and calculations

Courses on Internet use and security of your personal data

Email setup, twitter, youtube and Facebook configuration and security

Courses on advanced Google search functions 100%

Course on Affiliate Internet or how to make money with the Internet

Website design

Photoshop Training

One of these courses interests you? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Because you are a beginner and an hour is not sufficient, commit yourself for 4 lessons and get a discount. Our package includes 1 hour free lecture to better understand your expectations and needs and 5 lessons at preferential prices

As you plan to buy a computer, if you have trouble using it, you want to Perfect your skills, we are available whether beginner or intermediate and even if you have never used a computer, There is always time to learn. Please contact us and take note of the following:


General Information

Taught in:

French and English

Age: Children (7-12 years)

Adolescents (13-17 years)

Adults (18-64)

Seniors (65+)

Level of course:




60 minutes

90 minutes

120 minutes

Excel computer training classes

Excel for Home/Business  

We can schedule classes if 2 or more people are interested.

Total Hours: Two 60 minutes classes

Software: Excel

Navigating Excel, formatting and editing text, entering expenses, using simple formulas, setting up an address book Learn to utilize the power of Microsoft Excel in the home to create budgets, address lists, catalogue possessions for insurance purposes and more.

  1. Basic Excel
    1. Navigating in Excel
    2. Entering text
    3. Editing text
    4. Formatting text
    5. Formatting Columns and Rows
    6. Formatting Cells
    7. Printing
  2. Creating a Budget
    1. Entering Expenses
    2. Use simple formulas to Calculate Expenses
    3. Format sheet
  3. Creating an Address List
    1. Create heading row
    2. Set up address list
    3. Navigate through address list
  4. Cataloging Possessions for Insurance Records
    1. Set up heading row
    2. Enter data

Beginner lessons

Computer beginner  computer training classes

we can schedule classes if 2 or more people are interested.

Total Hours: Two 60 minutes classes

Software: Basics

  1. Basics
  2. a) Turn computer off and on.
    b) Open paint & Solitaire program from desktop
    c) Paint and write initials in paint program, play game
    d) Use of start menu to open programs
  1. Web Navigation
  2. a) Open Internet Explorer to
    b) Scrolling web pages, use of back, forward, and refresh
    c) Click links and examine web pages
    d) Type web site addresses
    e) Surf the Web
  3. Type letters
  4. a) Open Microsoft Word to a new document
    b) Practice use of keyboard
    c) Retrieve documents from My Documents Folder
    d) Print out document

Photoshop 1 computer training classes

we can schedule classes if 2 or more people are interested.

Total Hours: Two 3-hours classes

Software: Adobe


    1. Explore the Photoshop Interface
    2. Customize the Workspace
    3. Explore the Navigation Tools
    1. Select Image Areas
    2. Save a Selection
    3. Modify a Selection
    1. Create Layers
    2. Create Type Layers
    3. Transform Layers
    4. Alter Type Properties
    5. Apply Layer Styles
    6. Undo Previous Steps
    7. Arrange and Group Layers
    1. Paint Strokes on an Image
    2. Apply Filter Effects
    3. Convert an Image to Black and White
    4. Blend Layers
    5. Merge Layers and Flatten Images
    1. Save Images for Use in Print Applications
    2. Save Images for the Web
    3. Save Images as PDF

Photoshop 2   computer training classes

we can schedule classes if 2 or more people are interested.

Total Hours: Two 3-hour classes

Software: Adobe

  1. Internet/Email Basics  computer training classes
    Image Retouching

    1. Cloning areas in the same image
    2. The Pattern Stamp tool
    3. Cloning between different images
    4. Healing Brush tool
    5. Patch tool
    6. History Brush
    7. Dodge & Burn
    8. Smudge tool
  2. Brush Options
    1. Brushes palette
    2. Editing brush presets
    3. Variation options
    4. Save brush presets in a library
    5. Load a brush library
    6. Restore default brushes
    7. Brush as a tool preset
    8. Save tool presets
    9. Create a new brush based on an existing brush
    10. Create a brush from an image
    11. Delete a brush
  3. Masking & Compositing
    1. Create a layer mask
    2. Reshape a layer mask
    3. Deactivate a layer mask
    4. Apply or discard a layer mask
    5. Create a clipping group
    6. Save a selection to a channel
    7. Display a channel selection
    8. Load a channel selection onto an image
    9. Save selection
    10. Load selection
    11. Channel options
    12. Delete a channel
    13. Duplicate a channel
    14. Reshape an alpha channel mask
    15. Quick mask mode for with selections
    16. Quick mask mode for without selections
    17. Quick mask options
  4. Working with paths
    1. Convert a selection into a path
    2. Pen tool & paths
    3. Freeform pen tool
    4. Move a path
    5. Add to an existing path
    6. Transform an entire path
    7. Transform points on a path
    8. Save a work path
    9. Display/Hide a path
    10. Select path anchor points
    11. Reshape a path
    12. Delete a path
    13. Deselect a path
    14. Convert a path to a selection
  5. Advanced effects
    1. Warp text
    2. Fill type using clipping groups
    3. Lighting effects filter
    4. Pattern maker
    5. Liquify filter
  6. Automating Tasks
    1. Creating actions
    2. Recording a stop


we can schedule classes if 2 or more people are interested.

Total Hours: Two

Software: Basics

  1. Navigating Web Sites
  2. a) Typing web site addresses
    b) Clickable links
    c) Scrolling, back button
  3. Searching for Information
  4. a) Google searches with one word and multiple words
    b) News Article Searches
    c) Searching with Yahoo Subjects and Categories
  1. Sending/Receiving Emails
  2. a) Viewing email in the inbox
    b) Sending Emails
    c) Replying and Forwarding
  1. Registering with a Web-Site
  2. a) Creating a user id and password
    b) Filling out a web based form
    c) Submitting Information

FaceBook and Social Networking computer training classes

we can schedule classes if 2 or more people are interested.

Total Hours: Two 60 minutes Classes

Software: Basics

Getting an account, upload a profile picture, security settings, searching for friends, posting.

  1. Introduction: What is social networking – Helping you decide which social network you would prefer, or you can use all three. The Introduction will give an overview of the three top social networking sites.
    1. Facebook
    2. Myspace
    3. Twitter
  2. Using Facebook
    1. Signing up for a Facebook account
    2. Searching for “Friends”
    3. Facebook settings
    4. Uploading a profile picture
    5. Doing more with Facebook
  3. Using Myspace
    1. Signing up for a Myspace account
    2. Searching for friends in Myspace
    3. Myspace settings
    4. Uploading a profile picture in Myspace
  4. Using Twitter
    1. Signing up for a Twitter account
    2. Searching for friends on Twitter
    3. Twitter settings
    4. Tweeting with Twitter



we can schedule classes if 2 or more people are interested.

Total Hours: Two 120 minutes Classes

Software: Dreamweaver, xampp

Introduction to html

Introduction to Dreamweaver

Database terminologies

Content management systems



Xampp on windows and or linux

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