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Sagicam offers the best computer classes within and outside of Cameroon (on site or online). Why best? Sagicam is powered by Nguetnya Bernard, entrepreneur an IT Professional .My 8 years of experience in the field of graphic designs, computer repairs, networking, database administration, web development with php and Laravel is gotten from being employed by 3 enterprises starting as a trainee, graphic designer, website designer and network admin,I gathered so many skills which opened opportunities for me to work with Amity International College(Turkish School) and later Maarif schools under the Turkish Foundation. Being there I acquired International skills and professional ethics since I had to work with engineers from Turkey, experts in ICT and php development, my skills greatly improved. Sagicam`s best computer classes or computer training is all about impacting international skills to Cameroonians particularly and expendably to other countries. We equally offer computer classes online in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, Gabon, South Africa and beyond.

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computer training

Sagicam training programs

Sagicam offers computer repairs training for 3,6 to 12 months depending on how we access the students willingness and determination to diagnose certain hardware relate issues with computers. Our computer training programs(classes) can be online or onsite depending on the users and mostly determined by the location of the students. Our ICT or computer schools issues a diploma or certificate to students who have a pass mark in our final year assessment or exams for sagicam`s best computer classes-schools. Online computer classes in Nigeria, Gabon, Congo, South Africa.

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Our computer repairs or computer maintenance training requirements:

No big deal with applicants level of education, the only condition is willingness and the ability to read and write. Sagicam`s computer classes-schools or computer training arranges a one to one practice session with students, provides theories and free textbooks pdfs. At the end of every lesson, the session`s video is recorded and given to students for revision so that they can pull back or rewind the tutors explanation as many times as they wish, making understanding efficient. Online web design course in Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, South Africa.

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Website design training programs at sagicam`s school

Sagicam`s professional skills for many years will be fully passed on to students with live sessions in web design, coding or web programming. We offer complete or full stack development training in website development.Students will be introduced to a local environment and later to a production or live server over the internet. Our website design courses include html, css, javascripts, php, mysql database, when done, students are introduced to developments from scratch, cms using WordPress ,drupal, joomla and other frameworks. The final stage involves given hosting accounts and domain names to students to host particular sites with some functionalities which will be their final exams for certificate issuing .Our website design school or computer training guarantees a a bright future to students as there is no way in which they can be unemployed with the vast opportunities in this sector, why not be self employed and open their own training centers or become professional website designers. Our website design training ranges from 3 to 12 months with minimum qualification being the GCE Ordinary certificate. Online computer courses in Nigeria, Gabon, Congo, South Africa.

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Graphic design training at Sagicam

We offer professional graphic design training with little or no qualifications, but just the ability to read and write. Sagicam`s graphic design courses are as follow:

  • Introduction to the design world
  • Colors
  • Visual Communication
  • Using design Photoshop, InDesign, adobe illustrator
  • Working with basic Photoshop tool
  • layers
  • styles
  • effects

One on one practices on designing posters, flyers, magazines an much more. Our graphic design school is a standard in international patterns(I mean, tutors who have acquired and worked with other international designers),making your diploma or skills to be unbeatable by local champions in your domain. Online computer studies in Nigeria, Gabon, Congo, South Africa.

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Application Development-Programming training 

Sagicam`s computer classes-schools brings out highly skilled php developers, business application developers and software experts. The minimum requirement for this course is the Advanced level Certificate, science inclined will be an advantage. Our school offers training in basic programming with C, creating business or school applications with php(website design courses will be taken as well),Integrating applications with other apps or services(APIs) an making powerful or robust mobile apps to power businesses or companies. Sagicam computer training is the best place to study programming in Cameroon with no stress to study or understand in the sense that each lecture is recorded live an given to students at the end of each class. Our tutors are highly competent, all have worked with top companies and businesses and have gathered professional skills an experience to impact. A feeling of expertise and subject know-how will make the students feel abroad. How to become a software expert? Where to learn computer programming or computer training?  Sagicam makes you a software expert and a highly skilled computer programmer in less than 12 months. More about us on our Facebook page, Sagicam. Online graphic design course in Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, South Africa.

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