Best computer repair Yaoundé

Sagicam international offers the best computer repair services  within and outside of Cameroon (on site or online). Sagicam is able to solve all your repair problems in computer Hardware and Software.   All you need to do is contact us, or viste us at Carrefour Acacia Yaounde, Cameroon. Not limited to computer repair services, Sagicam also offer one of the best graphic design and Web design  services, and training classes online/onsite in Cameroon, and online in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, Gabon, South Africa and beyond.

Best computer repair Yaoundé:
Quick troubleshooting at the place of intervention
Computer repair, fast pc repair
Installation of box, printer, wired network in our best computer repair service in Yaoundé
We secure your computer data (photos, documents or other)
Backing up and recovering your data from any level
We replace all parts of all brands
Change your PC by taking care of your data, our Data recovery Cameroon
We carry out the cleaning of your hardware and software machine
We realize and we offer you simple solutions best computer repair Yaounde
Technological solutions for a better working comfort
Training and initiation on your equipment. Your PC is down, slow or infected with a virus,
You want to install the Internet or secure your computer,
You need help or advice …..web design Cameroon

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We bring you a solution of
troubleshooting, installation, maintenance, tips! Get to know our WordPress development training, Full stack web development courses and software development training. Best computer repair Yaoundé


best computer repair Yaounde



Our quality IT Repairs gives you skills in the following;
Diagnosis and troubleshooting
PC desktop or laptop
at your home.
For long interventions, the repair is done in the workshop.
Fast intervention. we also offer computer-training
Free quote.

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Our cheap  IT Repairs gives you skills in the following;
If your internet connection works,
remote troubleshooting is possible
in some cases.
Remote learning is
temporary and secure
(the password changes at each connection).


Buying Tips Computer Hardware. If you are looking for where to repair your computer, then contact us at Sagicam.

Printer installations, antivirus.

Installation of your Internet box, Wi-Fi …

Set up your email accounts on your computer, phone and tablet.

Help with document creation troubleshooting or using your computer.

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Possible Assistance

Virus removal, toolbar, ads in remote troubleshooting procedure best cheap website design
Installation and configuration of Internet ADSL / FIBER box
Installing and setting up your computer (s) and your equipment
Smartphone / tablet startup more on Sagicam services
Advice for equipment purchases best computer repair Yaoundé. While not get to know our Graphic design courses, Practical Digital marketing training and Mobile App Development Training.
Data migration
Free quote
Office Training
Multimedia Training
Marketing / Social Training in computer network installation Yaoundé
Maintenance Training
Group formation
Customized computer course
Data recovery
Hard disk replacement
Plastics replacement, hinge
Laptop screen replacement in our computer repairs Cameroon
Reinstalling Windows
Graphic card replacement
Motherboard replacement best computer repair Yaoundé
Power replacement
Laptop PC Charge Connector Replacement
Replacement smartphone / tablet screen *

We can also make you to rang higher on search engines like Google with the use of SEO( Search Engine Optimization) and it is very effective and also affordable.

Software & Security Solution

Our quality computer Repairs gives you skills is able to also specialized in Logo design no matter how complicated the design can be, trust us to come through for you at a very affordable price. Some of our services also include Java programing training, HML CSS Courses and Practical Laravel Training course

Peripherals (Webcam, Printer, Cable, USB Key, Hard Disk, SD Card, etc …)
New Computers & Occasions
Backup solutions best computer repair Yaounde
Ink cartridges
Printing works

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Sagicam can also carry out the installation of security cameras. If you are ever in need of such a service, do not hesitate to contact us. In the same vein, we also offer system and network installation services.

Formatting / Partitioning the disk
Installing Windows
Update Windows Update
Update drivers
Software Installation best cheap website design
Optimizing the interface and performance in our software and security solution
Cleaning and defragmentation
Windows system backup

How to manage you business or organization in no more a problem wen you come into contact with our following software;

We also have some prominent services which we offer like Graphic designcomputer trainingweb designcomputer repairsdevelopment of school application software and even WordPress Development.

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