Concepts  in  Digital  Marketing

Concepts in Digital Marketing: Digital marketing is all about targeting people who explore technology in one way or the other especially in their active hours when they have all the time to focus on either their phones or laptops.

Concepts in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is important because it is the key to succeed especially in our world of today where almost everything is being done online. Nothing that is business related cannot be done online without the concept of digital marketing. If your presence on the internet is business related, then you have to make use of digital marketing. You can even go as far as hiring an expert to be in charge of this. Digital marketing is all about exploring the keywords that people can type on search engines like Google to search for you or your services. In order for you to carry out a successful advertisement on the internet, you have to take certain things into consideration some of which include;

  • Knowing their active hours: Let’s take an example in Cameroon, we can say most people are active on their phones in the early hours of the morning like from 5m-7am and also late at night, from 8pm-10pm. This will be the best time to publish advertisement notice because it will definitely have some impacts.
  • Give people what they need and not what they want. You approach people by showing them what they need and not what they want bearing in mind that needs are things we cannot do without. Concepts in Digital Marketing
  • Find out about your competitors. Look for their strengths and weaknesses and explore them. If your computer has more clients than you, try to find out why and do better. If his business is more equipped than yours, do well to augment your own infrastructure. However, in the case where you all have the same structure and your businesses are both presentable, what you have to do is to increase on the quality of your products or on the services you offer. One thing you should never think of doing is price reduction. This is because if you reduce your price, your competitor will follow suit and reduce his and this will only lead him to have more clients and reduce your client base. This will lead you to produce at a loss because even though you reduced your price, you still did not have an increase in the price base you wanted. So it is safe to say that the only way to compete is to increase the quality of your products and the services you offer. This will make clients to be satisfied and will always want more hence leading to an increase in your client base. Visit our Facebook page for more details about us.
  • Work on the relationship you have with your client. You should try as much as possible to have the contacts of your clients as a way of creating long lasting relationships with them and also as a way of letting them know about recent products and services. You can also be able to know the demands of individual clients and reach out to them accordingly. This is called segmentation. It helps to reduce cost of advertisement because you have separated your clients into groups or various segments and with this, you can be able to reach out to the various groups at a lower cost.
  • Referral program. This means giving commission to clients who bring in more clients. Let’s take the example of a school, the owner of a school looking to have more students can give commissions let’s say like 10% to those who refer students to him. This means if you bring in a student who is paying 100,000frs, you who brought in the student will have 10% of that 100,000. The more students you bring, the higher your commission. This will go a long way to encourage people to refer you to others and also increase your number of clients. Concepts in Digital Marketing

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