How to Appear on Page One of Google

How to Appear on Page One of Google: It is certain that the presence on the web occupies a crucial place in the marketing strategy of a company. To take full advantage, it is necessary to be among the first results of search engines such as Google. Given the sophisticated algorithms of this engine and the fierce competition between providers of the same service, obtaining a good rank in the results requires a long-term and rigorously developed work.
Being on the front page of Google will increase your visibility: seo optimization of a site will obviously lead the search engines. This enhanced visibility will only be beneficial for your business. Thus, you will gain popularity, but also in popularity with Internet users.
Putting your site on the first page of Google will boost its traffic: Did you know that 91% of clicks on Google are done on the first page of Google? This increase in traffic will of course improve your conversion rate and respond to possible commercial and marketing objectives.
Putting your site first on Google will be more than beneficial for your turnover: as you work SEO Google website, your positioning on search engines will be improved.
As you’ve seen, working on SEO to put your site first on Google is essential when you start an activity on the internet. You will now want to know the tips on How to Appear on Page One of Google.  Follow the guide !

 Write quality content to put your site on the first page of Google

Putting your site first on Google is no secret: “the content is KING! “. If you want to put your site first on Google, it is necessary to have the ultimate web sites. While the design of your site is essential, the quality of the content is just as important. The famous algorithm of Google, likes to see texts with grammars as well as correct spellings. Indeed, the quality of your content is one of the many criteria that it analyzes to be able to give you a good rating with Google.
People want to read quality information that brings a real plus. If you seduce and lure them with an article written in the rules of art, you will have more chance to retain them, or even convert them into customers. As a result, you can easily put your site on the first page Google. On the other hand, they will take to the skies and turn to your competitors. This will obviously have a negative effect on your SEO website Google because know that the higher your bounce rate is, the higher your ranking on Google falls. Internet users, like googlebots, like to see grammars and correct spellings.

 Write original and unique content to be on the first page of Google

To be on the first page of Google as you know, Google really analyzes the quality of your content, but not only! Indeed, it also tracks websites that use duplicate content, whether internally or externally. Thanks to its advanced features, it is also able to detect the content spinning (content generation) and cloaking (hidden content).
A website that uses these techniques that do not comply with the Google Guidelines is subject to a penalty of the algorithm, which results in a loss of positioning on the search engine. So, think about writing unique, original and high value articles as it is an essential guide on How to Appear on Page One of Google.

 Think about images

Put your site on google. Beware that Google’s bots are also looking for content imaged on all of your pages. So, consider integrating images in line with your texts and to illustrate your article. This does not mean that you can take any image found on the net; you could be sued for plagiarism. Sites like or offer free thousands of royalty free images.

 Use keywords to put your site first on Google

SEO website google Keyword planner is a tool that Google puts at your disposal to find the best keywords for your industry. This keyword planner will be of great help to be better ranked on specific queries.
In short, once you have obtained a well-stocked list of keywords, consider integrating them intelligently into your texts. However, be careful not to over optimize your content, that is to say, overloading keywords at the risk of being penalized by Google.

 Choose a good domain name for the chance to put your site on the first page Google

Put your site on google first If your site is still in the creation phase, you can easily choose a domain name adapted to your main keyword. Of course, if you want to put your site first on Google and succeed SEO seo on search engines, it is advisable to turn to what is called “Top Level Domain” (TLD).  However, you will be able to choose domain names that have international goals like “.com” or “.net” if your field of activity extends internationally.
This advice also applies to the name of the pages of your website. Choose URLs called “Googlefriendly”. In other words, name your pages with a keyword instead of calling them “pages 1” or “page 2”. This will allow you to improve your Google website SEO and be easily found by internet users and also help on How to Appear on Page One of Google. Read our page on SEO website service for more details

Do not forget the metadescriptions

The back office of your website gives you the possibility to add descriptions called “metadescriptions”. When writing them, consider including the main keyword of your article. For the chance to put your site on the first page Google, this is an element not to neglect. Google’s indexing robots, which we call googlebots, particularly like content that features metadescriptions.

Do not neglect the title and h1 of your article to put your site first on Google

The title and the h1 are elements that should not be overlooked if you want to put your site first on Google. Be sure to choose catchy and relevant phrases that will get people to visit your page. When writing them, always consider including the main keyword of your article. Visit our Search Engine Optimization Training page for more details

Make sure to create good Backlinks to be on the first page of Google

Backlinks are links pointing to your website. In addition to bringing users to the page to which it points, the backlink (inbound link, back link, hyperlinks, inbound link, inlink) transmits “link juice” to the site on which it points. This one is of paramount importance for SEO website Google. Indeed, the analysis of the links that lead to your website is one of the main elements taken into account by Google to classify a site in its search engine.
To do this, look for sites that are in the same category as yours and ask if they can promote you. You also have the opportunity to get in touch with some prominent blogs to make Guest blogging. However, be aware that you must moderate the number of links pointing to your site at the risk of being caught by google Penguin, a google algorithm that analyzes suspicious links. This is a very important step to follow when learning How to Appear on Page One of Google

 Improve your presence on social networks to put your site on the first page Google

Put your site on the first page of Google. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube … are all social networks that can be a great help to boost the SEO website Google. In addition to increasing your traffic, Social Media Optimization will improve your reputation. Even if this strategy acts indirectly on your positioning, it allows the creation of links (backlink) to your website, which is obviously positive on your seo optimization. Visit our facebook page for more information

Appearing on the first page of Google is never an obvious goal, because it requires a global and effective web marketing strategy that covers all elements of the business (responsive design, natural and paid SEO, presence on social media, relevant content , etc). That is why it is advisable to use the services of a specialized web agency such as Sagicam.

Sagicam specializes in so many services among which some are computer trainingcomputer repairslogo designapplication developmentsearch engine optimization,graphic designweb design and many more.

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