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Best internet marketing expert Cameroon:We are the only enterprise that makes unemployment and poverty a history in Cameroon thanks to the internet, creating an internet business, merging your business with technology or exploit the unlimited potential of making your business known on the seo search engine optimization company and expert cameroon,business promotion company,

There should be no question of “why can`t I get a job” or “why are my not having customers or clients in my business even though I have been there for long” the only answer is ”inexperience or Digital illiteracy” cheapest search engine ranking,how to put your site on page 1 of google,how to make people visit my website

Some 4 years back I had nothing doing, unemployed, so I just created and launched my website without any business plan or what to do with it, just the fact that I had a website gave me ideas on what to do, how to make money with it, finally I was noticed internationally, I am now a sub contractor of an international IT company in Germany.We also have a school management application software if you ever be in need.

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We start an internet business by being born or having a house on the internet, I mean a name or an identity: a website or a blog!A blog, very profitable if we guide you, you succeed: Earn Cash from business marketing expert,cheapest marketing techniques cameroon yaounde douala ngaoundere

Starting a blog isn’t as hard as you think. All you need is hosting (putting a website online or connecting to the internet) and a domain (a name like To make money online from a blog you need to gain large amounts of traffic(visitors) from a specific niche. See how I do it here. You can earn cash using:best internet marketing expert Cameroon


Selling banner advertisements

Affiliating to sites such as Amazon & eBay (see #2)

Offer premium services or member areas

How important is a website?

It is the only way your business can be trusted,seen by people who prefer technology,visible anywhere in the world at anytime even when you sleep,reach out to international partners and clients,gives you an identity in technolgoy,makes your business professional with personalized email and mobile friendly interactions and finally,technology will rule the future,your business must therefore be part of it!
What if I live far away,away from Yaounde or Cameroon?

That`s not a problem.we can design the website online in that case,you see the changes we make anywhere you are in the world,you suggest modifications to be made and we proceed
Are there lots of things involved?No,we simply need some basic information from you

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How long does it take to design?

It can be done in 1 hour in front of you in your office,your house…. if we visit with our laptop after sending your content or information to us as cited below
About you or your business(biography)
Your contact details:location,telephone and email
project pictures(business or project pictures)
what you have been doing(your works)
you must visit a secretariat or cyber cafe and have the above information typed as concerns your organization,business,company or project website,if your site has to have more than one language,make sure you type the information in the corresponding languages.
After the design,when do I get the website online and appearing on Google?
Once we meet you anywhere if you are not free,in less than one hour after giving us the typed information,we design in 30 minutes,we activate your website infront of you,you get a .com, .org .cm or whatever like www. something .com instantly and we host or put the website online in front of you,it appears and becomes searchable on Google instantly;All you have to do is to pay us for the design + making the site to appear online
Who will be maintaining the website for me,can`t I do it myself?
Our design is user-friendly,any body can edit,but we are always ready to update your website for you freely;our aim is not to design websites but to make your business grow
Is that all?
yes, you will only have to pay a kind of tax or hosting+ domain tax every year, this is to keep the site visible on the internet, but you start paying from the second year after we have designed and launch the website internet marketing expert Cameroon

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Worst still some companies or businesses have website but they are still unsearchable, unnoticed or have no clients because of poor  internet marketing techniques

This what happen when a customer visits my website, simply a visitor

I know where they are

I know what they like

To turn them into potential clients

I focus on providing what they like by,how to design a website?

Getting their email on their first visit (customer relationship management)

Visitors might glance on your website once in a lifetime, you will lose such a visitor if you have no means of communicating with him, and the only means is through emails.

Imagine you have more than 100 or thousand subscribers or visitors emails, how do you automate or the ability to send a well structured, presentable and linkable email messages to your subscribers based on their interest, language or gender, I use a web application or an email marketing application to interact, say good morning or answer most of their questions, I don`t actually do that; my application does it all! A robot.Visit our Facebook page to know more about us.

After I have a deal or business transaction of any type, how do I do my accounting, keep tract of services offered ,payments, products sole, their accounts?

Unlike any other businesses that have just a local accounting software whereby the details or transaction can only be seen in that particular office or apartment, what if your company has several branches at different locations or countries, the other branches might like to view the same transaction on their computer anywhere in the world, I use a central database configured to synchronized automatically everywhere on the internet, the application or program is configured on my website.Check our graphic design services.

For example people having hotel website pay less attention to capturing the visitors on their website, we integrate an application to capture their email, likes and also integrate an application to do instant booking or reservation, payment through PayPal, bank and much more

Why will someone design a website for you and won`t teach you how to make money with the website, a website is not a show it is there to make money each day, not just to let people know about you or your company!

We can design a website for you in 24 hours If you provide us the information already typed. you get everything designed, after we choose the name of your website, next your website is visible all over the world, I mean your new business: everything for just 60,000frs.It remains forever on the internet except that you will be paying just 30,000frs each year, but starting from the second year, not this year which is already also benefit from our repairs services.

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Sagicam specializes in so many services among which some are computer trainingcomputer repairslogo designapplication developmentsearch engine optimization,graphic designweb design and many more.

After the design  we can provide you an additional service of advertising your website or business online, on Facebook or through emails, we have 3500 emails of Cameroonians whom you can send adverts on your new business, also the possibility to make your business known on Google and Facebook.

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