CodeIgniter refers to a PHP framework that is used to rapidly design applications. It provides libraries for connecting to the database and carrying out various operations like sending emails, uploading emails and also managing sessions. It is made up of so many features which we will try to explain a few. Visit our page mobile app to learn about some of the apps we can create.

The entire source code for the framework of CodeIgniter is almost 2MB. As a result of this, it is very easy to master it and also learn how it works.Visit our page About Sagicam to know more about us.


Modern Frameworks of CodeIgniter

It is so fast. With some of the modern frameworks of CodeIgniter, they usually take less than a second to load after it must have been installed. With CodeIgniter, you can be able to load on average less than 50ms. Get to know our WordPress training course, Practical software development programs and Full stack web development courses.

With the features of Code Igniter, they are being designed to work independently and they do not rely too much on other components. It is therefore easy to maintain and upgrade.  Get more than a website including  Graphic design courses, Practical Digital marketing and Mobile App Development course.CodeIgniter

The framework of CodeIgniter is well renowned and there are many good books and tutorials on it. This means that no matter the problem you are facing, there is a high chance that there must be someone who must have encountered same problem and already solved it thus putting the solution out there for you.We also have some prominent services which we offer like Graphic designcomputer trainingweb designcomputer repairsdevelopment of school application software and even logo design.

CodeIgniter also has many apparatus used for sending emails, database management and many other things which you will like to discover with the documented tutorials.

It is also very much extendable. Since CodeIgniter comes with its own libraries, and in case what you want is not there for you, then you can easily do it by creating or implementing your own libraries and packages.You can visit our Facebook page to follow us socially.

It has a short learning duration. If you are someone who already has knowledge on PHP, it will be very easy for you to master CodeIgniter. The student can be able to start creating professional applications using CodeIgniter within a very short period of learning. CodeIgniter

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Makeup and structure of the framework

The performance design of CodeIgniter is shown in the structure of the PHP network and it is based on the software style pattern known as Model View Controllter (MVC). MVC is being governed by one main principle which is the strict separation of program code and presentation. There are three components making up this structure and they are the data model, the presentation and the controller. While not get enroll in our Practical Laravel Course, HTML CSS Courses and Computer maintenance and networking programs.

The data model shows the data structure of a web application that has been developed on the basis of CodeIgniter and they are mostly designed in the source code. They also have special functions which can be used to access, store or even update information from a database.

Presentation consists of the part where the application is being presented to the users. It is an HTML document whose content is energetically included through PHP. It is a kind of template.

The controller acts as a middle man between the data model, the presentation and any other resource that is being needed to process an HTTP request or to generate a website. This component takes inbound requests, validates the input, selects the desired view, and passes on content that the data model has loaded from a database.

CodeIgniter User Guide

  • Welcome to CodeIgniter
    • Server Requirements
    • Credits
    • PSR Compliance

Getting Started

  • Installation
    • Manual Installation
    • Composer Installation
    • Running Your App
    • Upgrading From a Previous Version
    • Troubleshooting
    • CodeIgniter Repositories

Build Your First Application

  • Build Your First Application
    • Static pages
    • News section
    • Create news items
    • Conclusion

Overview & General Topics

    • Application Structure
    • Models, Views, and Controllers
    • Autoloading Files
    • Services
    • Working With HTTP Requests
    • Security Guidelines
  • General Topics

    • Configuration
    • CodeIgniter URLs
    • Helper Functions
    • Global Functions and Constants
    • Logging Information
    • Error Handling
    • Web Page Caching
    • AJAX Requests
    • Code Modules
    • Managing your Applications
    • Handling Multiple Environments

Request Handling

  • Controllers and Routing
    • Controllers
    • URI Routing
    • Controller Filters
    • HTTP Messages
    • Request Class
    • IncomingRequest Class
    • Content Negotiation
    • HTTP Method Spoofing
    • RESTful Resource Handling
  • Building Responses
    • Views
    • View Cells
    • View Renderer
    • View Layouts
    • View Parser
    • HTML Table Class
    • HTTP Responses
    • API Response Trait
    • Localization
    • Alternate PHP Syntax for View Files
    • Working With Databases
      • Quick Start: Usage Examples
      • Database Configuration
      • Connecting to a Database
      • Running Queries
      • Generating Query Results
      • Query Helper Functions
      • Query Builder Class
      • Transactions
      • Getting MetaData
      • Custom Function Calls
      • Database Events
      • Database Utilities
    • Modeling Data
      • Using CodeIgniter’s Model
      • Using Entity Classes
    • Managing Databases
      • Database Manipulation with Database Forge
      • Database MigrationsManaging Databases
      • Database Seeding
  • Libraries & Helpers
    • Library Reference
      • Caching Driver
      • CURLRequest Class
      • Email Class
      • Encryption Service
      • Working with Files
      • Honeypot Class
      • Image Manipulation Class
      • Pagination
      • Security Class
      • Session Library
      • Throttler
      • Dates and Times
      • Typography
      • Working with Uploaded Files
      • Working with URIs
      • User Agent Class
      • Validation
    • Helpers
      • Array Helper
      • Cookie Helper
      • Date Helper
      • Filesystem Helper
      • Form Helper
      • HTML Helper
      • Inflector Helper
      • Number Helper
      • Security Helper
      • Test Helper
      • Text Helper
      • URL Helper
      • XML Helper
    Advanced Topics
    • Testing
      • Getting Started
      • Database
      • Generating Data
      • Controller Testing
      • HTTP Testing
      • Benchmarking
      • Debugging Your Application
    • Command Line Usage
      • Running via the Command Line
      • Custom CLI Commands
      • CLI Library
      • CLIRequest Class
    • Extending CodeIgniter
      • Creating Core System Classes
      • Replacing Common Functions
      • Events
      • Extending the Controller
      • Authentication
      • Contributing to CodeIgniter


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