Computer Graphics Training

Our Computer Graphics Training is offered at any level you may need. This profession, closely linked to the graphic arts, consists in the production, with the help of various computer software, of digital still and moving images. The computer graphics designer thus participates in collaboration with other professionals in the creation of cartoons, video games and animated films by creating the visual communication identity. Sagicam offers the best  Graphics Training  classes within and outside of Cameroon(on site or online). Learn graphics design with ease at every stage. All multimedia companies employ graphic designers. He can also intervene in the field of advertising to carry out photographic retouching or also in architecture, in order to carry out cladding of building perspectives by working with 3D modelers. The computer graphics designer is an artist and illustrator specializing in image and computer science. He must have a creative and inventive mind, be curious, versatile and have an appeal and aptitude for teamwork. Indeed, this team spirit allows the computer graphics designer to collaborate with other professionals (graphic designer, artistic director, architect, webmaster, communications manager, web designer, etc.) in order to carry out a specific project. You can watch more on our YouTube Channel.

Computer Graphics Training


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At the end of the Visual Communication training, you will be able to:

Design, create and illustrate visual communication media such as logos, advertising posters, information leaflets, distribution leaflets, CD Rom display brochures, business cards, etc. get more on Twitter  page. We also have something important about Computer repairs and Computer repairs questions and answers.
Design the graphic charter of Internet sites;
Realize a communication concept
Create 2D and 3D sets, characters, making video games and animated films through character modeling, design of special effects and animation of drawings. Get more than a website including  Graphic design coursesPractical Digital marketing and Mobile App Development course. Its objective is to convey a clear and effective message, through the texts, images, effects and animations that it stages. Why not get enroll in our Practical Laravel CourseHTML CSS Courses and Computer maintenance and networking programs. We offer Online Graphics Training classes in Nigeria,Gabon,Congo,South Africa, Ghana,Rwanda, Uganda, Sierra Leone,Gambia.

GOALS: Allow participants to be able to develop the Creative Phases of a project by providing technical and artistic solutions, through the IT tool, in the sectors of publishing, advertising, multimedia, marketing , architecture and graphic design. Get to know our WordPress training coursePractical software development programs and Full stack web development courses.

Visual Designing Course Yaoundé 

Our visual design course is available for in Yaoundé, Bamenda,  Douala, bertoua, Kribi, Limbe, Buea, Kumba Ngoundere, Bafoussam. We equally offer graphic training classes online in countries like Nigeria,Ghana,Congo,Gabon,South Africa and beyond.BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES: The title of Production Graphic Designer gives access to the professions of Graphic Designer. In advertising and communication agencies, graphic design studios, communication departments of any company, web agencies, advertising agencies, printing and publishing houses, news organizations, film studios of ‘animation, television channels, IT Service Companies, such as
– Graphic designer
– Designer,
– Graphic designer,
– Illustrator,
– Editing model maker,
– Model maker,
– Desktop publishing (DTP) operator,
– Editorial assistant,…,


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In this cheap computer graphics training , we will provide you with electronic training material and an Internet connection.
This training, which is essentially practical, is punctuated with concrete examples and practical cases.
An evaluation at the end of the training will validate your knowledge. Do not miss our Internet Marketing Services and Laravel Training.

Graphics Communication Classes in Yaoundé 

Tools and methods of graphic expression
Knowledge of the graphic & typographic chain
Creation of graphics for digital media: Rough, Story board, Typography, Model, Image processing, professional editing, Graphic design, Layout and editing, Print management. you can also get our Practical Software Development Course and Mobile App Development Training. Also, Online digital marketing course in Nigeria,Cameroon,Gabon,Congo,South Africa, Ghana,Rwanda, Uganda, Sierra Leone,Gambia are offered.

The tools of a Graphic Designer?

The computer graphics designer thus works on a graphics station using a document digitizer as well as an optical pencil or a graphics tablet such as the Wacom graphics tablet in order to perform the operations. The data is then rendered most often on a computer screen or using a plotter. Different techniques exist. 2D computer graphics fabricate images by creating shapes or operate through algorithmic or image processing processes. 3D computer graphics, on the other hand, put the volumes in perspective. Through the application of a physical model, image synthesis ensures the creation of digital images. It is widely used in the field of audiovisual production. For this, the computer graphics designer must have total mastery of image work and the various software he must use: some of these software are specific such as computer-aided design (CAD) software or assisted publication software by computer (DTP). Other software is needed: image and photo editing software, vector graphics or website design … Some examples of software often used by graphic designers: Online graphic design course in Nigeria,Cameroon,Gabon,Congo,South Africa, Ghana,Rwanda, Uganda, Sierra Leone,Gambia.


Photoshop is software dedicated to image processing, allowing the creation, modification and retouching of images and photos. Visit the YouTube channel for more details. As far as Computer graphics course is concern, also get our Computer graphics Training , Computer training and  Best Digital Marketing Expert.

Illustrator: Illustrator ensures the creation of vector images using “the pen”. It can be used independently or in addition to Photoshop. Get more on  Computer graphics classes on our  facebook page. It is amazing to know how to attract traffic to your website   by getting the search engine optimization Training.

Indesign: Indesign desktop publishing (DTP) software enables digital or print layouts.Online  graphic design training studies in Nigeria,Gabon,Congo,South Africa, Ghana,Rwanda, Uganda, Sierra Leone,Gambia.

Lightroom: Lightroom is digital post-processing software, ideal for digital photo development. Our Computer Training School   will guide on how to go about web developmentComputer network Services and the Development of Applications.

Best Practical Computer Graphic Training 

Your Practical Computer graphic training will be organized on the basis of concrete cases.
Interventions by experts who will share their field experiences
All the theoretical points are put into perspective, to help you easily assimilate the principles discussed.
This immediate practice reinforces your confidence and allows you to quickly integrate your new knowledge while working concretely on your projects.
During this full stack graphic design training, you work on real business projects and on your own projects. we also have some prominent services which we offer like Graphic designcomputer trainingweb designcomputer repairsdevelopment of school application software and even logo design.

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