Computer Maintenance Course

Computer Maintenance Course: Summary of the course

With the knowledge of this course, you will be able to develop skills which will enable you to repair, upgrade and service several types of personal computers and minicomputer systems. You will also develop skills and knowledge on how to be able to install and configure mobile and fixed devices and accessories including printers, scanners, and uninterrupted power supplies

Computer Maintenance Course

Why is important for you to study this course?

With the knowledge of this course, you will be very suited for many job openings like system administrator, IT manager, and maintenance technician in businesses and institutions or you can still be self-employed.The best computer repair course in Yaounde

The main contents of this course include helping students to be able to

Learn to assemble computer equipment

Setup operating and application programs

Keep equipment in good working conditions

Repair or replace defective parts

Install and manage a local area network

Use communication techniques and tools and follow up the customers

Acquire computer and internet knowledge

The students will learn and acquire the following skills

Operating Systems; Windows xp, 7, 8, 10, Linux etc.Computer Maintenance Course

Circuits and Electronics

Software installation and upgrades

Soldering and motherboard repairs

Hardware maintenance

Introduction to Information Technology (IT)

Computer Awareness. Cheap computer repairs Yaounde

Computer Assembly


Performing network security

Backup and restore files

Fix data bases.

What are the methods used in teaching?

At Sagicam, the students will receive lectures every day and these lectures will be combined together with hands on experience acquiring and developing your own potentials in backup and restoring of files,, fixing data bases, performing network security, hardware maintenance. This will be enhanced with constant research which will be carried out by the students themselves. For you to take this course, you will need to have a mastery of English language and also know how to use a computer. Every other thing will be taught to the student. The students will also be trained in office automation and its tools. Computer Maintenance Course

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Payment of fees modality

Duration Annual Tuition 1st Installment 2nd installment 3rd installment
12 months 200,000XAF 110,000XAF 50,000XAF 40,000XAF


Admission form provided by Sagicam Institute of Technology

Photocopy of birth certificate

4 passport size photographs

Photocopy of National Identity Card

Photocopy of previous certificate

 Exercise books

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