Computer Network Service Yaoundé 

To solve your computer network  issues, Sagicam starts by undaerstanding your business, and most importantly, we understand how to make work 100% easier, automate tasks and boost productivity. It makes no sense to depend 100% on human labor or olden day communication: Our network professionals make sure our computer network service brings internet connectivity, easy resource sharing in a network, printer and file sharing, with ease and comfort. Do you need Professional Computer set-up services,  Contact Us now. By knowing how to do our business smarter and better we can help you do the same. When it comes to small/medium sized businesses, our flat rate or hourly fee services provide a way to access big companies for a predictable monthly fee without a large investment. We have strategic and highly scalable conditions with which we can help you maintain control of your business while designing the systems and processes that govern every aspect of your organization or business. You can visit our page computer network installation to know more on this.


computer network service cameroon

Get to know what Sagicam Offers

At Sagicam, we offer an affordable selection of IT possibilities and solutions
IT consulting
Printer sharing, file sharing within an organization or business
Our professional computer network programs offers Remote network management and support, monitoring, troubleshooting and problem resolution.
IT help-desk services for you and your entire staff, always available with you, no time limit.
Because Sagicam cares about your business’s success, our  highly-skilled technicians will be there always to do whatever it takes to keep your business up and running. Call us and lets talk on how we can help you reach your technical goals. Contact us for your cheap network services all over Cameroon. In Our professional IT Center Yaoundé Cameroon, we also offer Computer graphics Training and  Best Digital Marketing Expert  in Yaoundé,  Douala,  Bamenda , Limbe,  Kribi,  Buea,  Betoua , kumba

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On-site and offsite  Professional network programs

Sagicam`s network professionals will make our computer network service the answer for small to mid-sized businesses looking for the solution to all their technology needs. Our service-support rates provide you with the highest level of service and support at a moderate price. You will have access to our full service and support staff including system engineers, network technicians, telecommunications specialists and offsite and on-site PC technicians.

Benefits of Sagicam`s IT solution include:
Scheduled or on demand IT support
Extended capabilities with skilled IT resources
Reduced costs and complexity in your IT environment
Single point of contact for technology
Affordable computer network installation
Our highly-skilled technicians will be there every time to do whatever it takes to keep your business up and running. Network Professional services are at your disposal in Yaoundé,  Douala,  Bamenda , Limbe,  Kribi,  Buea,  Betoua , kumba


Complete execution of IT  and Networking projects .

Sagicam also offers strategic IT services including planning and execution of one-time IT projects on an as needed basis. Pricing is project based, allowing the most affordable solution for projects of any size. Sagicam acts as consultant, offering as-needed assistance with IT strategy. Because Sagicam cares about your company`s success, Sagicam’s highly-skilled network professionals-computer network service will be there every time to do whatever it takes to keep your business up and running. We also offer services like graphic design training, computer repairs, computer training  ,development of school application software and even logo design. Sagicam’s computer network service support team is ready to help with everyday support of your employee’s systems. Businesses of virtually any size, Sagicam Desktop/Help desk Support is an affordable and swift solution to the daily technical problems that sprout in a company or organization. We offer the best network service to all our clients. Our Computer Training School   will guide on how to go about web developmentComputer network Services and the Development of Applications.

Management of computer network infrastructure

Communications-VOIP: local, remote, internet and mobile services needed by your business. Most emerging businesses don’t have the time or resources to handle the minute details of complicated and dynamic communications network. Using Sagicam to manage your communication services liberates resources that could be better used elsewhere, knowing that all your local, remote, internet, and mobile needs will be handled by Sagicam’s highly-skilled network professionals-computer network service. Our friendly staff are specialists in solving communications problems, from initial configuration to continued maintenance. We also offer Cheap and reliable Restaurant Management softwareHospital Management software and Business Management Software. It is an advantage for you to be enrolled at in our management of Computer infrastructure.

Sagicam offers Networking services for small to mid-sized businesses looking to stay connected or desiring a solid network infrastructure. Sagicam embarks on projects of any size, as well as continuous maintenance or repairs of problems that may arise. Every business owner knows how important it is for their business to be connected. Do not hesitate but bring in Sagicam’s highly-skilled network professionals-computer network service to make sure that your business stays linked and with our automated network administration.

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Network Cabling Services –voice and data infrastructure.

Sagicam`s network Cabling services give you the comfort that your technology systems are sitting on a solid foundation. Every business owner knows how important it is for their business to stay connected. Sagicam’s highly-skilled network professionals-computer network service will set up your entire voice and data infrastructure. With this strong foundation, your business can move forward knowing that Sagicam’s experience and skill has a strong foundation to keep your business connected. More about our services on LinkedIn. You can watch more of our computer course on our YouTube Channel. Do not miss our Internet Marketing Services and Laravel Training.

Telephone Systems – Sales, installation, and support for VoIP phone systems.

Sagicam’s Phone Systems service provides your business with traditional or VoIP system hardware, the installation of the entire system, and continued support and maintenance of the system’s. Sagicam’s professional technicians use their experience to give your business the best solution for your phone system needs. Get more on Twitter  page. We also have something important about Computer repairs and Computer repairs questions and answers.