computer repairs

Computer repairs:Repair or change of screen, keyboard, power connector etc.
Hard disk replacement, battery, pad pad etc.
Adding memory sticks or parts
Recovering your computer data
Removal of viruses, spyware, malware
Reset password
Cleaning and optimizing your system
Installation of all computer components
Custom Computer Assembly (Complete PC Mounting)

A PC, Mac, laptop failure may occur while your computer is still under warranty or after. In the first case, simply return it to the seller for examination and repair or replacement. If this is no longer possible, you will have to consider another alternative of computer repair or laptop repair in Cameroon. know more about our Full stack web development  training, Practical Software development training and computer maintenance and networking programs.

computer repairs cameroon

computer repairs cameroon

Warranty Microcomputer Troubleshooting Solutions
Your new or used computer has failed but is still under warranty? It is still possible in this case to return it to the dealer, with your invoice, to diagnose and repair at no cost. It will still take care because, it may also happen that the failure of your computer is not covered by the warranty.Cheap computer repairs Yaounde. We also offer Graphic design courses, Practical Digital marketing Training ,Mobile App Development Course and Practical laravel Training.

Indeed, some repairs do not have a cover even if your pc, laptop or mac is under warranty. This lack of support requires you to pay extra euros in case of failure not covered by it. This happens especially when the battery or the charger of a laptop but also when the power of a PC or Mac bought new or used under warranty breaks down. You will need to acquire a new charger to be able to have it repaired at the store where you bought it with the possibility still to take advantage of a free computer service for the replacement of these defective components at your repairs

Expired warranty, computer down; the tracks to follow
A computer may be in good working order during the warranty and may fail when this warranty expires. Consider other solutions for troubleshooting or repair laptop in Yaounde becomes in this case essential. Unless you are an expert in computer maintenance or master all the concepts of computer troubleshooting, use a true computer technician. Two options are available to you in this case:computer repairs

Return your computer to the dealer for repair, but then be careful: you will be charged for PC troubleshooting or Mac troubleshooting since your warranty has repairs
By helping you the web tool, you can also contact several computer troubleshooters in Paris for repairing your laptop or repairing your Mac and asking them to get a free quote without any commitment to start. For example, the company that you contact may recommend a Mac repair technician or a PC repair technician available near you to troubleshoot a PC or Mac troubleshooting at home. If the problem is resolved in less than an hour, you will pay only what it will be due within a certain threshold. If this is not possible, have him brought back to the workshop so that he can diagnose it and put it back in perfect working repairs,Computer training,website design training.

Items to check before repairing your pc or laptop
It would be a shame to consult a technician for minor malfunctions easily resolvable that your computer is under warranty or not. You will lose time and money!computer repairs

You do not have to be a hardware specialist to do the following diagnostics:

Make sure everything is connected first. Sometimes the problem comes from there. Unplug all devices, reconnect them, turn on your PC or mac repairs
The problem persists ? your computer still can not start. No need to panic; examine the inside of your Central Unit! Check if all cables are properly connected repairs
If the fault does not come from outside or indoor wiring, it may simply be due to dust that has accumulated in your CPU. The mere use of a blower should normally help to remedy it if it is the case.Best computer repairs Yaounde
When opening your CPU, be sure to leave all electronic components and circuit boards intact on your Mac or PC. If you want to get into deep cleaning, use only products specifically designed for PC or Mac cleaning.sagicamcomputer repairs

Initiatives to put into practice to properly maintain your computer or laptop
Detect failure: it can be the result of a malfunction in one or more hardware components, just as its origin may be due to an operating system anomaly or many.

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