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Development of applications-schools and businesses

Sagicam international specializes in the development of applications for schools and business(development of applications-schools and businesses).We develope personalize PHP or web applications to automate your business or school.We equally integrate applications with existing websites in our website design services. All our applications:school management software, accounting or business software are of high standard, robust and comply with the latest technology.More about sagisoft on YouTube 

development of applications-schools and businesses

School,University or college management software

We have the most advanced school or university software built with pure php and customized applications built with laravel framewok:We use the latest php versions and we build with compatibilty and responsiveness with respect to browsers and integration into other apps with APIs, we also give room for it to be a extensibile if other modules are requested.(development of applications-schools and business)

Features of our Software-Sagisoft

Sagisoft school college or university management software is the most recent, complete automation suite for schools equipped with SMS, human resource management (payrol or salary management, complete accounting, automatic Reports cards,personalized  Certificates for different occasions to students, Role or permission management, Students can receive marks by SMS or guidance or parents can be messaged by SMS or emails within the same application, that is sagisoft for you-its all about the development of applications-schools and businesses.(development of applications-schools and businesses),Sagisoft.

Sagisoft school software generates 3 versions of report cards of grading systems, francophone system,technical,university another custom versions of your choice, Sagisoft not forgotten is multilingual, translated to many languages including French.We have an amazing portfolio of websites integrated with school management software or php applications developed by Sagicam,our Sagisoft school app in our portfolio.

Students admission,SMS and Internal messaging

Sagisoft is equipped with internal sms to parents students or to single students and parents.It equally sends customized messages to a particular class,staff or employee.Development of applications-schools and businesses.

Sagisoft has access limitations or user role capabilities making it a suitable school application to limit management or some sections to particular staff,students or employee.

Business Management And Accounting application-software

Sagisoft for business is the best business management or accounting application with respect to meeting all your business needs from human resources,proposals,sms,live-chats  and integrated modules to meet further demands.You need a powerful application to take your business to the next level?Sagisoft business is the leading business software that follows reliable,Business Management And Accounting application-software.

Our business management management software comes with automatic backups,sms and email notification to customers.Its also built with the latest version of laravel php framework with first class security,meaning you have no worries with the security of your data whether your app runs locally or over the internet,development of applications-schools and businesses.

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