Do You Have What It Takes To Start A Business?

Making the decision to leave your job and start a business is very important. Even if starting a business seems like a great idea, despite the drawbacks, the question remains: How do you know if you are cut out to be an entrepreneur? Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? In order to help you, you will have to answer the questions below. It will help you evaluate your qualifications.
As you answer the questions, be honest with yourself while answering.You don`t have to get all the questions right. Business people are different in sizes, conditions, and skill levels.So, no test can determine if you are perfectly equipped or qualify to be an entrepreneur. But this evaluation will help you realize some of the skills necessary to start your own business. You will only be hurting yourself and your business if you pretend to have skills you do not have.Visit our Facebook page to know more about us.


Evaluating Yourself

1. Do you want to start on your own?
a) Yes, I like doing things on my own
b) In case someone offers to help me get started, then I will definitely follow
c) I usually prefer to follow than to be the leader

2. What is your opinion concerning risk taking?
a) I am comfortable with the feeling of being on the edge.
b) it is advisable to take calculated risks sometimes.
c) I like the tried and true.

3. Do you think you are a leader?
a) Whenever I start something, I always make people to get along.
b) I am able to give orders when necessary.
c) I leave the running of things to someone else but I can get involved if I feel like it.

4. Are you the type who likes to assume responsibility?
a) I always enjoy assuming responsibility and taking care of things
b) I prefer to let someone else be responsible but I can take over if need be
c) I will allow the person who really wants to show off his talents to take over

5. How organized are you?
a) I always set up a plan before starting anything
b) Being well organized does not really work for me, but I try my best when it is necessary
c) I’m the type who just loves to take things as they come

6. Are you willing to work very hard?
a) I stay motivated for as long as it’s necessary.
Bi always work hard for a while but when I feel it’s enough, I allow it
c) To me, I think many things are important apart from work

7. Are you a strong decision maker?
a) My mind can easily be made up when need be.
b) I can make up my mind easily if I want, but I do not want to.
c) I usually don’t like to be the one to decide things.

8. Will u be able to live with Uncertainty?
a) Yes.
b) I don’t like it, but I might if I have to
c) Not sure, I always want to know what to expect.

9. Can you stick with it?
a) If I put up my mind to something, I must always finish it.
b) Usually.
c) At times, I may just quit if things don’t go right.

10. Are you in good health?
a) I’m always in good health, I hardly run down!
b) The energy I have is enough for the things I want to do
c) I can’t say I am because I run out of energy sooner than most of my friends

11. Are you a competitive type?
a) of course I am.
b) I become one when need be.
c) I’m not really one because my nature is more laid back

12. Are you self-disciplined and have a lot of will power?
a) Yes.
b) I am self-disciplined only when it is necessary
c) Not really.

13. Are you the type of person who plans ahead?
a) Yes of course because to me, failure to plan is planning to fail
b) To me, planning is as important as easiness
c) with my type, I take one day at a time and leave the rest to life

14. Are you creative?
a) I will say I am because I am always thinking about new ideas.
b) Not really because I brainstorm just occasionally.
c) No, not really.

15. Are you the type that can live without a regular paycheck?
a) Yes.
b) To me, the idea of living without a regular paycheck always makes me nervous
c) I am the type of person who loves to live a well-defined routine and structured life

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