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Sagicam Institute of Technology offers the best Ecommerce Website in Cameroon, Yaoundé, Douala, Limbe, Buea, Nkongsamba, Dschang, Kumba, Mamfe, Ebolowa, Bamenda. Our Institute of Technology offers a wide variety of courses for anyone who wants to become a professional within and outside of Cameroon(on site or online). Click the link to checkout our Computer training school Website for more information. Our best Ecommerce Website equally offer computer classes online in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, Gabon, South Africa and beyond. Apart from Ecommerce Website, Sagicam offers you magnificent Web design services anywhere you are in Cameroon, Yaoundé, Douala, Limbe, Buea, Nkongsamba, Dschang, Kumba, Mamfe, Ebolowa, Bamenda.

Ecommerce websites Cameroon, customized solutions touches buyers before, during and after their purchase. It encompasses a broad array of options including group buying, social shopping, mobile apps, retailers adding social features, and shopping integrated into social media. Anything less is just traditional e-commerce in sheep’s’ social clothing.Create your online store website with us.

Beautiful Ecommerce websites cameroon creates innovative but highly user friendly niche and multi-vendor storefronts that make for a very successful and satisfying shopping experience which attract, convert and boost sales. You can go to our page create a website so as to know more about creating and designing websites.


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Electronic commerce (or online commerce, online sales, sometimes e-commerce or more frequently ecommerce) is the pecuniary exchange of goods, services or information via computer networks, in particular the Internet. The English name e-commerce is also used. In the context of inter-company trade, networks of the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) type have been used for many years. Electronic transactions are also carried out on mobile telephone networks. This mobile commerce is called mobile commerce or m-commerce (short for mobile commerce). Best Ecommerce websites Cameroon Yaoundé

We call “Electronic Commerce” (or e-Commerce) the use of electronic media for the realization of commercial transactions. Most of the time it is the sale of products through the internet, but the term eCommerce also encompasses the mechanisms of buying over the internet. Visit our page Search Engine Optimization to learn how you can be able to attract visitors to your cheap e-commerce website.

The customer making purchases on the internet is called a cyber consumer. E-Commerce is not just limited to online sales, but also includes: Online quotes
,Advice to users, The provision of an electronic catalog, A point of sale access plan, Real-time management of product availability (stocks),Online payment,
Delivery tracking, Customer service.

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In a context of strong environmental constraints, the development of distance selling tends to transform logistics issues. Custom Unique Design
Beautiful storefronts, Highlight Products, Custom payment gateways, Custom shipping methods, Multi-Vendor, Multiple sellers, Manage individual stores, View store statistics, Parallel payments, Adaptive payments, Multi-channel.

EBay Integration, Facebook Integration, Inventory Integration, Corporate Accounts.

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Features of Ecommerce Website

1. Mobile responsive. When 46% of consumers complete their entire purchase process (from research to purchase) on smartphones, you’ll be missing a lot of sales if your website is not mobile-friendly. A responsive ecommerce platform ensures that visitors from all sorts of devices have equally great on-site experience, without any design constraints.

2. Customization opportunities. “Beauty” is a highly subjective assessment. But when it comes to web design, “good looks” usually mean convenient layout, aesthetically pleasing typography and iconography, crisp visuals, and other on-site design elements that differentiate your store from others. If your ecommerce platform lacks customization features and beautiful ready-to-use templates, you are stuck with using the same mold as hundreds of other stores, with little room to show how your brand stands apart. know more about our Full stack web development  training, Practical Software development training and computer maintenance and networking programs.

3. Easy-to-follow site navigation. Navigation is an umbrella term for all the UI elements users can use to reach specific information on your website. These include header navigation menu, product category pages, filters, on-site search, and footer. When your ecommerce platform constrains your ability to create custom navigation paths, you’ll end up with a pretty, but dysfunctional website few customers will want to use, and your conversion rate will suffer for it. We offer best and quality ecommerce website in Yaoundé, Bamenda, Douala,  Bertoua, Kribi, Limbe, Buea, Kumba Ngoundere, Bafoussam and more.

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4. Unique user experience. Delight prompts consumers to complete their purchase, and then shop some more. What ignites that sense of delight and takes brand to the next level? The best marketing tools in the world won’t help if your site leaves them wanting. 

Well-thought user experience (UX). UX plays a pivotal role in ensuring that your website is not only functional, but intuitive, reliable, user-friendly, and easy-to-navigate. These factors dial up the pleasurability of interacting with it and make other good things happen.

Think higher conversions, repeat purchases, rave reviews, and word-of-mouth recommendations. So you don’t want to skim on this. How do you determine if your online store platform is UX-friendly? Check several ecommerce website examples, built on the selected platform. Specifically:

Platforms of Amazing websites 

  • Assess the basic UI components. Browse the website to understand if you like the navigation, find the layouts effective, and all design elements intuitive and good-looking.
  • Scrutinize customization opportunities. The more elements you can tweak — the more unique UX you’ll be able to create as your operations scale. Remember: what looks like an OK ‘starter’ practice for a small store, may turn into a money-draining liability for bigger operations. Make sure that you can toss and add different design elements as your priorities change. We also offer Graphic design courses, Practical Digital marketing Training ,Mobile App Development Course and Practical Laravel Training.
  • Measure the website performance. Page load time and overall website speed add or subtract from your UX. Sluggish pages, glitching design elements, and slow-loading product videos often result from a poor CMS/CDN and hosting provider, used by the amazing ecommerce website platform.
  • Both Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer purchases are sparked by a need. But the underlying motivations behind those needs are different. B2B customer intent is driven by business priorities and backed by a group of other people (stakeholders, teams, company’s customers, end-users). With many people to please, the product research timelines are longer, and the list of requirements for evaluating products is more detailed. That’s why B2B ecommerce websites dwell more on converting top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) and middle-of-the-funnel (MOFU) visitors to prospects and then turning them into customers using a mix of online (email marketing, eBooks, social media, online demos) and offline sales (phone consultations, in-person demos, etc) strategies.B2C shoppers act on an immediate need. While most shop around too, comparing product specs and prices, their average time spent at every stage of the sales life cycle is shorter. Unlike B2B buyers who allocate more time to data-based product evaluation and consideration, B2C folks often act on impulse, and thus are more receptive to various cognitive triggers, activated by our bias

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