We are hear to help you understand how the website process works. Just go through our pages and all your doubts will be cleared.

Just like the cost of other things like cars do vary, that’s how the cost of a website varies too. To determine the cost of a website, several factors have to be considered.However, most of our website projects start from 50,000FCFA for basic business needs and may increase depending on the special needs of your site.

Generally, we work with businesses from all sectors of the economy be it technology,education,health, beauty and even churches.

For the years that we have been in existence, we have helped many business to sell their products and increase their customer base. we also make sure that we know your business very well and also your competitors so we can know how to design your site in a way that will suit your goals.

It is always important to ask this question before deciding the web design company you want to work with.This is because there are a lot of companies that hands work over to their interns and they also do not allow clients to have direct contact with the designers. this is not the case at Sagicam. Our clients have direct contact with the team and the person handling the website will be chosen depending on the needs of your website. The founder is also actively involved in the design process.

Unfortunately, we can only support a website that was built by us from start to finish. This is so because we want to be absolutely sure and stand behind what we designed. Also, there is the possibility that many liabilities may arise when different programmers work on the same code over and over again.

Of course we can help you. This can be done from other websites such as www.unsplash.com. Again, we can also provide the photographers and videographers needed to produce the photos and videos needed for your site.

The Founder,Nguetnya Bernard, formed Sagicam in a cyber cafe at Chapelle Obili Yaounde. He believes in not only building websites, but in building relationships that last a life-time through technology,hence the name “Sagese informatique Cameroon”

Sagicam, was founded in 2014 by Founder,Nguetnya Bernard. You can learn more about this on our Team page

All projects normally start with a 50% deposit followed by 4 monthly installments of the project balance over the course of development.

The time taken to complete a project will normally vary from project to project. For example, our standard websites take roughly a month to design while our E-commerce sites take about 6 weeks to fully design it.

Our websites are generally being built depending on the needs of the client we are working with be it a government organization or a private business. We also custom designs with PHP,content management with WordPress,Joomla and others.

Of course we can. This is the reason why copy writing and content editing are being included in all of our proposals. Furthermore, we can build sitemaps for you and help you to structure the foundation of your website in the early stages.

Yes! All what we do will be completely owned by you.Because of the hardworking and efficient team we have, most of our clients choose to stay with us for as long as their website is active. However, if you ever decide to take your website to another hosting provider and get another company to service the site, we will assist you in the transition as simple and effectively as possible.

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