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The communication media designer (Graphic Designer / Graphic Designer / Artistic Director) creates messages such as logos, packaging, advertising posters, visual communication. He works on different media and uses his sense of aesthetics, always with the aim of best translating the identity and the message of the product he is working on. The designer of communication media frequently collaborates with web designers or graphic designers. Read our logo design page for more details
He applies his art in advertising agencies, communication or directly with the customer if he is freelance, in creative studios, publishing houses, press companies or in a business communication service. .Visit our Graphic design questions and answers page for more details

Graphic Design School

What is a graphic design school?

A school of graphic design is specific to what is called applied art. Applied art is art applied to other areas such as decoration, video games or advertising.
The job of graphic designer is to create, choose and use graphic elements (drawings, photos, typography …) in order to design visual communication solutions.Cheap classes on graphic design.
There are many formations around graphic design, some are specialized in: 3D animation, decorative arts, video games, graphic communication, etc. A graphic design school can be a school of communication, design, a multimedia school, architecture, art, etc. In this way, the curriculums train to different professions of graphic design.

Graphic design schools have a diploma from bac +2 to bac +5. Students can therefore follow long courses that leave room for specialization, which often takes place at the master level. Within these programs, students are mainly trained in the use of desktop publishing software such as (photoshop, illustrator, indesign, etc.). They also develop a great artistic culture and a certain visual identity of their own. Visit our school management application software page for more information

Some diplomas of schools of graphic design are not recognized by the State or at the international level, in particular by the RNCP (national directory of the professional certifications), you will thus have to inquire on its statute and its notoriety.Best graphic design classes

To join a graphic design school, you must be creative, have a good artistic culture. Sometimes you will have to be able to master artistic techniques: painting, photography, sculpture, drawing … depending on the school you want to integrate. Some institutions will also ask you to present a book containing your creations, inspirations, sketches, etc.

What to do after a graphic design school?

After a school of graphic design, young graduates can acquire a dual skill or specialize in moving towards a Specialized Master’s Degree in Graphic Design.

They can also decide to embark on an active life in a company specializing in graphic design.

What are business opportunities in graphic design?
Graphic design schools offer graduates the opportunity to work in advertising, publishing, web, 3D animation, video game creation, etc.

They train in the trades of:

Graphic Designer
graphic artist
Motion designer
Interior designer
model maker
Web Designer
Visual Arts Consultant
Artistic director
Designer in visual communication
Packaging Designer

The objective of this training is to develop a high level of creativity in the student. This will allow him to approach all types of projects with method, creativity and sense of organization: graphic design, packaging design, webdesign or advertising. More details on our graphic design page


Students are invited to engage in a real conceptual and artistic research that aims to anticipate the stakes and mutations of the trades and practices of graphic design in all its dimensions. The aim of the teaching is to train creative designers who are able to develop a meaningful and personal formal universe and master the communication strategy in the different fields whose core remains graphic design.Affordable graphic design classes.

The main fields of intervention are those of visual identity, cultural graphics, publishing,signage and advertising. Through the practice of workshops and workshops (photo, video, motion design, digital images, serigraphy, engraving, typography …), students experiment and develop other languages. Visit our page on graphic design training classes in yaounde for more information

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