graphic design training classes

Graphic design training classes:All the information on the formations pros in Graphic Design
You want to resume your studies or convert to graphic design? Sagicam gives you all the information on professional training or graphic design training programs or classes.

graphic design training classes

Who Should Attend ?
For who
Graphic designer, model maker and user of desktop publishing software.
Communication officer who wants to evolve from execution to creation.
Secretary and assistant wishing to bring creative value to their documents.More on sagicam`s  twitter.
Have a first graphic approach in your professional context (creation of documents, collaboration with a graphic unit, etc.).
Knowledge of desktop publishing software is a plus in our graphic design training classes.Best graphic design training classes

What is it ?
Professional training in graphic design is a course that is intended for all employees or job seekers who wish to obtain an additional diploma or to re-enter the field of applied arts. Graphic design is very close to graphics and consists of working on the creation of visual aids such as a packaging, a logo, a website, an advertising poster to highlight a brand or a product while respecting a graphic charter. There are various professional training courses, you can follow classical diplomas such as BTS or Bachelors or certifying training to acquire a particular skill, such as learning the mastery of a software, a technique or working on a specific support. You can take this training in a school of design, a school of graphic design or a training center like Sagicam`s graphic design training classes.

For those who would like to keep an activity while resuming their studies, some institutions offer distance learning. The courses are accessible by correspondence or through an e-learning platform.Cheap graphic design training classes.

During your training in our graphic design training classes, you can follow topics such as:

Digital creation
Communication culture
Graphic drawing culture
General and artistic culture
Graphic design / graphic design
Analytical drawing
Web space
The history of art
Living model
Practical plastic and graphic
Programming and regulation
Creative Studio
Achievement technology
In addition to important theoretical training, you can have the opportunity to do internships in business to acquire the practice of sagicam`s graphic design training program,reach sagicam international on facebook

How to access a professional training?
To gain access to vocational training, jobseekers and job-seekers can benefit from a number of state schemes. As an employee, you have the right to training if you have acquired enough hours or money on your personal training account (CPF). You can also claim an individual training leave (CIF) which allows you to clear time for a course. Finally, if you have already acquired skills during your career in the field of graphic design, you can have them validated thanks to the VAE (validation of acquired experience).Best graphic design training center.

In any case, whatever your situation, you must submit your application to the organizations concerned or training centers directly to explain and motivate your request for training through an application file. You can then be summoned to a motivational interview.

And after ?
Once you have completed your training and your diploma or certified certificate in your pocket, you can resume the course of your professional life and find your job, apply for a position in line with your new diploma or change completely sector and start a career in graphic design or our graphic design training classes. You can then occupy positions such as:

Motion designer
Web designer
graphic artist
Artistic director
Graphic Designer
Graphic designer
UX Designer
Industrial Designer
Packaging Designer


Respect the objectives of a creative brief
Develop your graphic and visual sensibility
To be a force of proposal and to give meaning to its creation
Teaching methods,sagicam on youtube

Case studies and workshops

This training does not require any prerequisites. However, it is recommended to master the fundamentals of graphic communication.
Monitoring and evaluation.Affordable graphic design classes.

Hot evaluation of the session by satisfaction questionnaires
For which audience?

Artistic director
graphic artist
model maker
Anyone wishing to evolve from execution to creation
Participants are invited to bring their own creations for analysis and improvement.
Detailed program


Master the graphic structure
– Optimize the layout of your creation
– Prioritize data to capture and retain the reader’s eye

Develop your knowledge of typography and colors
– Master the basic rules: readability and reading comfort
– Understand the influence of typography on the meaning of creation
– Use color codes and contrasts to give your text the desired meaning

Gain expertise in the field of colors
– Master the use of the color wheel to assemble colors harmoniously
– Know how to use color codes and contrasts to give your text the desired meaning
– To know the symbolic and cultural language of the colors. Which color corresponds to your clients’ business sector?
– How to combine visibility and readability to convey your message?

To understand the meaning of forms
– Know the meaning of forms according to cultures and sectors of activity
– To know which form to choose in relation to the dynamics that one wishes to give to its creation.Visit our search engine optimization services as an added profession.


Study the language of the image and know how to analyze a visual
– How to go from seeing to watching?
– Be consistent in the text / image association

Analyze a visual
– Know the codes and functions of visuals: composition and architecture, meaning and signified, integration into documents, identification of inputs and outputs, errors to avoid
– Know how to prioritize the visuals and establish the priorities according to the message that one wishes to transmit in a graphic design training classes
– How to be consistent in the text / image association?

CASE STUDY: Analysis of graphic design rules applied to different business sectors, media and targets

Case study: analysis of different creations
The trainer will analyze different creations based on:
– the sector (advertising, publishing, …)
– support (POP, press advertisement, brochure, cover …)
– the target (internal, external, age, sex)
Participants are also invited to bring their own documents for analysis and improvement.


How to develop your creative mind and give meaning to your creation?
– The keys to an effective creative brainstorming
– What creative support techniques to put in place?
– Understand a creative brief: analyze the content and target the objectives
– How to give impact to your creations?

Give meaning to your creation
– Understand a creative brief: analyze the content and target the objectives
– How to process information and communicate a message?
– How to give impact to your creations? Define the visual objective according to the target. To be able to stage the background by the form. Learn to evaluate the impact of your messages to improve it.See our graphic design questions and answers
– The contribution of semiotics: how is the meaning of an image constructed?

Know how to present, argue and sell your creation
– How to stage his recommendation to convince him orally
– Master the rules of the oral to make an effective and percussive presentation in  graphic design training classes.

Apart from offering graphic design training, we also have some prominent services which we offer like Graphic designcomputer trainingweb designcomputer repairsdevelopment of school application software and even logo design.

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