Graphic Design Training Course  Sagicam Yaoundé 

Graphic Design Training Courses Sagicam Yaoundé-Cameroon will help you will open up the world of digital graphic design and support you expand your skill set. Learn from creative professionals who gladly share their tips, skills and workflows in some of the most widely used graphic design programs including: Corel draw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator. We also offer WordPress Training Course and Full Stack Web Development Training.


Graphic Design Training Course

Graphic Design Training Course


A Graphic Designer must correctly use typography, imagery, composition, layout, and color to solve visual communication problems. Graphic Design Training classes and Computer Maintenance and Networking Yaoundé is the best for you to manifest all these skills.

Common uses of graphic design include identity (logos and branding), publications (magazines, newspapers and books), print advertisements, posters, billboards, website graphics and elements, signs and product packaging. For example, a product package might include a logo or other artwork, organized text and pure design elements such as images, shapes and color which unify the piece

In this graphics design training, we will work with images as well as text in order to design and create visually appealing elements, including brochures, logos and advertisements.

If you can think it, you can make it with Photoshop, the world’s best imaging and design app. Create and enhance photographs, illustrations, and 3D artwork


There are so many worthless theoretical Graphic Design Training courses in Yaoundé-Cameroon, but we decided to take the route that will benefit our students the most: 


Whether you’re looking for everyday edits or total transformations, Photoshop offers a complete set of professional photography tools to turn your snapshots into works of art. Adjust, crop, remove objects, retouch, and repair old photos. Play with color, effects, and more to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.

Adobe InDesign Training Course in Yaoundé-Cameroon

Our Adobe InDesign training at Sagicam Yaoundé-Cameroon is a vital resource for anybody wanting to learn this influential, often intimidating page layout and design program.

This computer software training course is designed to teach from scratch both the absolute beginner and intermediate users how to use the industry standard Adobe InDesign software in our Graphic Design Training Courses. Do not be relaxed about our Java Programming Training and Practical Laravel Training for more knowledge. 

Adobe Illustrator Training In Yaoundé-Cameroon

In our Adobe Illustrator Training at Sagicam Yaoundé-Cameroon, we will take you through the many tools and techniques that are available to you in this vector graphics software from Adobe. This tutorial is designed for beginners and those who want to take their Adobe Illustrator skills to the next level and no previous Illustrator experience is required to get the most from this training.


  • Build a solid foundation in the elements of design: typography, color, and layout.
  • Explore the design process to visualize compelling ideas
  • Practice with hands on exercises in Illustrator and Photoshop.

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Have you ever thought about starting a career in graphic design or has it been a while since you last worked in the field and you want to refresh your skills?

Graphic designers work with images as well as text in order to design and create visually appealing elements, including brochures, logos, advertisements, and websites. This course is advantageous in areas such as banners, flyers, logo creation, info graphics, manuals, branding, visual storytelling, user experience design, etc. Anyone and everyone that is new to Graphic Designs. Students, Graduates, Workers interested in making that switch to Graphic Designs.

What does it take to be a graphic designer?

The design is a complex art that involves many different skills and tools, but this course breaks down the core topics and software. Graphic Design, Illustration & Publishing fundamental course aimed those who have little or no graphic design experience and wish to learn quickly. This course is beneficial in areas such as banners, flyers, logo creation, info graphics, manuals, branding, visual storytelling, user experience design, etc.

The focus of the Graphic Design Training Course Sagicam Yaoundé-Cameroon is to introduce graphic design’s basic building blocks and tools necessary to create attention-grabbing content and visuals.

In addition, Graphic Design Training Courses and Practical Digital Marketing Course Sagicam Yaoundé-Cameroon teaches the most efficient ways to perform common design tasks, including layout, image editing, drawing shapes, and working with type and fonts. Students will learn the secrets of nondestructive editing using Smart Objects and master features such as layers, art boards, libraries, adjustment layers, filters, blending modes, layer effects, typography, custom brushes, vector masks, and covers the below software packages up to intermediate level. 

Course Contents

  • Elements & Principles of Design. You can follow our Graphic Design Training Course on YouTube
  • Introduction to CorelDraw Environment.
  • CorelDraw Workspace, Toolbox, Working with Texts, Special Effects
  • Adobe Photoshop Environment
  • Photo Manipulation and Retouching
  • Scaling and Screwing
  • Working with Layers
  • Working with Text
  • Image optimization and Color management
  • Introducing Photoshop Filters
  • What You Will Learn
  • On course completion participants should be able to:
  • Use Adobe Photoshop skillfully
  • Use CorelDraw competently
  • Understand file formats and extensions, and their applications
  • Design great flyers and other banner designs
  • How to design a flyer, ID card, Complimentary Card etc.
  • Handle Design Projects independently
  • What Students Can Do After They Acquire Skill
  • Students can work in Firms, as Graphics Designers, or start their designing career as Freelancers
  • Boost the chances of getting the employed soon
  • Start making money on their own, rush and get Graphic Design Training Classes and Practical Software Development Courses Sagicam Yaoundé-Cameroon




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