How to Attract Traffic to your Website

How to Attract Traffic to your Website: All the owners of Internet sites have asked or are still asking themselves these questions: “How do I make known my website? »,« How do I generate traffic on my website? “. With the growing number of sites and blogs  daily on the web, the competition is getting bigger and bigger and the rules are changing accordingly. We will see in this article different web strategies whose goal is to attract quality traffic to your website following a simple pattern but that too few people agree to follow.

Make your website known

As you might guess, there are many ways to advertise a website. However, the methods of some may not apply to others and what worked yesterday may not be as effective today. We will therefore review some commonly used methods on How to Attract Traffic to your Website while commenting on their effectiveness.

How to Attract Traffic to your Website

Do an audit for your website

An audit is “simply” an inventory of your site to identify all the factors that can be improved. You can first perform a technical SEO audit to get a list of things that reduce the performance of your site and prevent you from appearing at the top of Google’s search results.How to appear on page one of Google

On-site optimization

This method involves optimizing your site for search engines (SEO). The goal is to apply all the guidelines that allow robots to properly understand your content and offer it to users in a consistent manner. Indeed, a robot does not work in the same way as a human being. He can not see or listen to media content although he is progressing in what is “listening” to content. For example, if you insert the image of a puppy playing with a ball, Google’s robots will not be able to “read” the content of the image. To help robots understand, you need to describe the media content in the “alt” attribute of your image or video tags, for example. It is also important for Google that your pages are well structured with <hn> tags that organize your page with titles and subtitles to facilitate its understanding of the content. Each page must have a main title that must be framed by the title tags <h1> </ h1>. This shows Google the title of your page that should explain what is going to process the content presented. This practice is therefore strongly recommended as a method on How to Attract Traffic to your Website and must even be the first thing to do once you have completed your SEO audit. You can visit our Search Engine Optimisation page for more details

Post regularly on your blog
Google likes regularly updated content.
If it is difficult to change the content of the pages of your website regularly, a blog can be used to publish new articles frequently.

Target the right keywords
Regularly publishing content on your blog improves your SEO in a global way.
Still, if your articles and pages are poorly optimized, they will stand out in the search results.
SEO is first and foremost about targeting the right keywords: it is often easier to focus on specific and less desirable expressions
Once your keywords are found, you just have to use them by creating content of very good quality to seduce the search engines.

Make use of Social Networks

Facebook is the number one social network: it must be at the heart of your social media strategy.
By building a community on this platform and regularly publishing quality content, you can be confident that your fan base is off the ground – and your site visits at the same time. It is a very method to use in order to know How to Attract Traffic to your Website. You can visit our Facebook page for more information

YouTube is the number 1 video-sharing site and performs large audiences every day.
That’s where companies found an ideal ground to gain visibility lately
Create videos related to your activity (tutorials, analysis, etc.) to highlight your expertise and be found by users corresponding to your target.
Learn how to boost your views on YouTube and the traffic on your site can only be better. Go to our Youtube page for details

Create infographics
Infographics are among the flagship content of social networks: appreciated by Internet users, they have a high potential for virality (if they deal with a relevant topic with an interesting angle). You can read more on this on our Logo design page

Publish your own studies

Publish your own studies
Creating studies based on proprietary data related to your area of expertise or industry is another great way to earn visits through content marketing and also to know How to Attract Traffic to your Website .

Improve the speed of your site
The speed of a website has two major impacts on the traffic it receives:
First, the more slow a site is to load, the more visitors tend to leave it at once.
On the other hand, too slow sites are penalized by Google and are therefore less well referenced – which affects their traffic.
So be sure to optimize the performance of your site to ensure its speed. Read our Web Design page for more information

Increase links
Acquiring a large amount of internal links  is part of improving your SEO and therefore your Google search ranking. Your internal links are the links you get when you link to the content of your own website.
Increasing internal links is easy. Simply work with groups of topics that allow you to link your articles. Not only will this help your SEO, but it also creates more experience for the user.

Be present on the networks with your personal account.
Another great way to use social networks to your advantage is to become a regular participant where your customers are, for example LinkedIn discussions and Facebook groups.
But beware ! Do not become a salesman. Your prospects already receive many prospecting messages that they do not respond to, so do not end up in the lot. You really have to participate with the sole purpose of adding value to the conversation.

Quality of the site
Examine the quality of the content on your website. The information should be presented in a simple, concise and practical manner. In addition, special attention should be paid to grammar and spelling. Make sure it’s easy to navigate your site. The choice of your brand, as well as the look and feel of your website is the expression of your business. That’s why the design of your site and its functionality must be of very good quality. This is a very good method to know How to Attract Traffic to your Website. Sagicam also offers computer training classes.

Service and response
A good practice is to offer customers a way to communicate with you, either by phone, email or an online form. Make sure you have processes to respond to inquiries when clients contact you. Make sure that orders are executed correctly and quickly so that everything is done to minimize inconvenience to the customer.

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