How to Design a Website

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How to Design a Website:  

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Some questions to guide you
Who is the site for?
You must create the site based on its visitors.
What will visitors come to do on the site?
Have an overview of your products and services? Find your address or phone number? Put these contents in value.

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What do I want visitors to do on the website?

What do I want visitors to do on the site?
There is sometimes a difference between what visitors want to do on the site and what you want them to do. For example, your potential customers may want to know the price of your products or services, while you want them to sign up for a demo. Give them good reasons to do what you want them to do … without stopping them from doing what they want to do. These are just simple tips on How to Build a Website on your own. Your website will be unique, due to the experience and vast know-how our web designers and developers. Contact Us now to enjoy our awesome website design services. Our aim is to make your website beautiful enough to attract your customers online. Do you need web hosting, visit Sagicamhost to view our web hosting packages. Yaoundé,  Douala,  Bamenda , Limbe,  Kribi,  Buea,  Betoua , kumba 

What contents are less important for visitors?
Are people visiting your site really interested in your business history? Are they really interested in learning more about your values ​​and management philosophy? If the answers are “no”, do not talk about it on your site.

What are the competitors doing?
Take a look at the sites of your competitors and those of companies and organizations similar to yours in other regions. You will find interesting ideas from there for your own site on How to Design a Website. We offer a great I.T center for Computer graphics Training , Computer training and  Best Digital Marketing Expert.

Are you Ready?
Create your own site in a few clicks.
Choose your design from the professional models on offer.
Change this design. It is 100% customizable
Add your content: texts, photos, videos … The limit is your imagination.
Add tools: Google maps, contact form, photo album, and more.
Add pages: products, services, contact, etc.
Publish your website on the web!

Sagicam advises you on some important steps  to do follow in creating your website

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At first glance, just have a good idea, some content and a good CMS, such as WordPress, to make a website. In reality, web development is much more complex than one might think. In this page, we  will give you an overview of the steps involved in How to Design a Website. Check the list to make sure you have not forgotten anything! Check out our Facebook page for our new interesting offers. Our Computer Training School   will guide on how to go about web developmentComputer network Services and the Development of Applications.

Define the goals of your website
Why do you want to create a website? It is important to define your goal so that you can choose the technical solution that best suits your needs. For a simple blog, a WordPress page will be enough, but if you want to make an e-commerce site, look WooCommerce or PrestaShop. It goes without saying that you will also need to set up a payment system and install the SSL certificate to secure transactions. In short, you need to clearly define the goals of your website to know what features to put in place. Get more on website designing Twitter  page. We also have something important about Computer repairs and Computer repairs questions and answers.

Define the content of your website
The content of your website has two objectives: to please your audience and to position your website in the search engines. To do this, it is not enough, or even it is not advisable to put keywords everywhere. Google’s algorithms easily detect over-optimized content multiplying keywords. There are, in addition, dozens of other factors that impact the SEO of a website: the quality of the code, the tags “Title” and “Meta Description”, incoming links, the structure and size of the site … Contrary to what we can imagine, SEO has many technical aspects. Good communication is only a small part of it in the steps to follow on How to Design a Website. Get to know more about our Business management software , Hospital management software and Restaurant management software.

The Web design proper

Now that you have defined the structure of the future website, it is time to focus more on its visual aspects. Let’s not forget that this is more than just a “visually pleasing” website. Air the pages. It is better to put too few elements than too much. Enlarge the texts so they are readable even on small screens. To understand what I mean, go to Facebook, G + and Twitter. Note that they all place the main menu at the top of the screen. We do not always think about it, but as a user we expect to find it right here. By trying to impose on your visitors another way of navigating, you risk impatient or even lost them.  See our web design Cameroon for more details. Write the code. Do not miss our Internet Marketing Services and Laravel Training.

The project is now ready. It is finally time to implement it! If you have no knowledge of web development, you can still create a simple website with CMS such as WordPress or Joomla. There are also services that can make a basic website in just a few clicks, but they are not suitable for more complex projects. They also do not leave the field free to creativity: you will only have a predefined template to fill which you can possibly change some parameters like colors and fonts. If you want more freedom How to Design a Website, a web developer or a digital agency will better meet your needs.

It is advisable to ask a quote from several professionals. You will be amazed at how different the proposals may be for the same project. However, large price differences sometimes indicate a problem with the specifications. If it is not detailed enough, professionals may interpret your needs differently.


Any Designed website must be mobile friendly

Google’s algorithm gives priority to adaptive web sites, that is, adapted to mobile devices. Any SEO expert will tell you: it is difficult, if not impossible, to position your website in the search engine if it is not thought mobile friendly. Emphasize this point during your discussions with developers to be sure they have not forgotten this aspect so important to the success of your project. Our Computer Training School   will guide on how to go about web developmentComputer network Services and the Development of Applications.

Test, test and test again
Errors happen quite often in web development. Even if you hire the best developers to create your website, you can not be sure that it works perfectly without having done the necessary tests. Consider testing its operation at the end of each development phase, not just when the job is fully done. Read more about this on our SEO website service for more information

Do not hesitate to ask for help from outside the project on How to Design a Website. By looking at your website every day, you’ve probably lost your critical eye. A new user will only need a few minutes to detect something that is wrong … like that, completely by chance. Ways to Design a Website in a very short period of time.

It’s finally time to publish your website
After the tests, finally comes the moment to launch your website. In the majority of cases, all you have to do is click on “Publish”. You will then have to wait a few days before the Google bots browse your site to index it to the search engine. Will yo u like to know about our Best Website HostingWordPress website builder and Best website design company.

However, you can do better than that! Start preparing to launch your site a few weeks before D-Day. You can write a press release and prepare a list of contacts (journalists, bloggers, entrepreneurs) to whom you will send it. Also remember to find groups on social networks where you can share the URL of your website.

Create Professional Website.

Develop a digital marketing strategy

If you want to make a website for private use or for your personal pleasure, forget this point. For a corporate website, however, you will have to think about developing a digital marketing strategy. Sharing content on social networks is the bare minimum to give you visibility. Finally, do not forget the link building if you want to position your website in the search engines. Get to know our IT support service,  Professional website  and graphic design,  Best computer expert and Digital t-shirt printing design. We build websites for schools, hospitals, shops and many other institutions world-wide. We can design a new logo for your company as well as business cards letterheads and any other required graphic material.

Analyze the results and improve your website

Do you remember the first point on this list? Define the goals of your website. Now it’s time to take a critical look at your project. From the first week after launching the site, analyze the results obtained. Google Analytics will tell you everything. What is the organic traffic of your website? Have you managed to generate some leads? Do you have new users? Do not be discouraged if the first results do not live up to your expectations. Promoting a website is not easy and takes a lot of time. The key is to continually improve your website … Analyze the behavior of your users to understand their needs. Maybe a more direct presentation of your services on the homepage would allow them to better understand what you are doing? Maybe they want to contact you, but they can not find your contact information? While it is difficult to take a critical look at one’s own project, it is the real key to success.

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