How to repair my Computer easily

How to repair my Computer easily: 

Do I need an appointment to bring in my computer for repair?

You do not necessarily need an appointment to bring in your computer to our office. But it is good to take note of the fact that we operate on a first come first serve basis. However, if it is an emergency case, that is to say you need your computer back right away, we can offer Rush Services. Appointments are only necessary for house services

What do I need to bring with me when dropping off my computer?

What you need to bring will depend on the type of computer you have.How to quickly fix my computer.

For desktop computers, what you need to bring is the tower and any CD you can find that belong to the desktop. Things like cables, keyboards, monitors and mouse are not necessary.

For laptops, you need to bring in the charger as well as any CD you can  find. The laptop case is not needed.



How to repair my Computer easily



In addition, if you have a problem with a specific device like if the computer speakers are not working, make sure to bring in the device. this will go a long way to help us on How to repair your Computer easily

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 How much do you charge to look at my computer and tell me what’s wrong with it?

The basic diagnosis conducted on your computer to determine the problem is FREE!. Your computer is set up in front of you and our experts do their best to assess your issues on the spot. We can also have you drop off your computer in some special cases and we will later call you with a diagnosis.

However, if the issues of your computer do not fit under our free basic diagnosis, you will be notified and we will try our possible best to give you a discount on the diagnostic fee. This is a great step to take on How to repair my Computer easily.  We also offer Cheap and reliable Restaurant Management softwareHospital Management software and Business Management Software

Do you service businesses?

Yes we service businesses. One of our specialties is to support small and medium sized enterprises in all of their technology works. We can actually do everything for them beginning from the ground work in the case where they are moving into a new office and also maintaining your current computers and network. Go to our page computer training for more details

Do you service Macs?

Yes, we do work on Mac Laptops and Desktops for both their hardware and software issues. We can even go as far as making  Macs and PC’s work together in your network if you desire. Do not miss our Internet Marketing Services and Laravel Training.

Do you service iPods iPads and other tablets?

Concerning this service, we no longer repair hardware related issues and broken screens on tablets and phones. However, we can repair some software related issues. You can just stop by with your device and it’s charger for us to have a look since our basic diagnosis is free. Will yo u like to know about our Best Website HostingWordPress website builder and Best website design company.

Do you service laptops?

Yes of course!. We deal in servicing and repairing laptops. We can fix almost all the problems your laptop is facing including fixing your laptop power jack in the case where it is loose, replace dead laptop screens, replace broken hinges and we can also order for parts like batteries, chargers that you may need. You can visit our facebook page to know more about our easy computer repairs.

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Do you make house calls?

Yes we do. All you need to do is to schedule an appointment with us and we will send our team to your house or business to fix any problems you may have.

Is it possible to have my job completed right away if I want it?

As earlier mentioned, we work on a ‘’first come first serve basis’’. That notwithstanding, if you need immediate attention we can offer Emergency Rush Service for an additional fee. With this service, you can be attended to immediately whether you came in first or not. Visit our computer repairs and maintenance agreement page for more details. we also offer Computer graphics Training and  Best Digital Marketing Expert.

I don’t really know what’s wrong with my computer. Can you still help me if I can explain it to you?

Of course we can help you! When you come with your computer top our office, we will set up right in front of you to discover the issue. After going through all the issues, we can definitely describe what is wrong with your computer in the best way possible. it is our job to help you in every way possible on How to repair your Computer easily. More details on our page computer repairs cameroon

If I can’t be without a computer while mine is being fixed, 

Unfortunately we don’t offer such services anymore. However, we have Rush Services which can enable your computer to be fixed immediately so that you can return with it. Our computer management center is so cheap and reliable for all in Yaoundé, Bamenda, Douala,  bertoua, Kribi, Limbe, Buea, Kumba Ngoundere, Bafoussam.

I am not the most computer literate person, do you offer tutoring?

Yes we offer training in our office for various fields  of studies like Search Engine Optimization, Graphic design, Web design and Microsoft Office Suit. Just let us know what you are interested in learning and we will fit you into our program. Read more about this on our page best cheap computer training classes


Get Cheap Computer repair services at Sagicam now

Order for a Computer repair service now