IT Consultants & Cybersecurity Consulting

Our team of experience IT & cybersecurity consultants have been serving business of all size in a different digital areas. Accomplishing the cyber security needs of our clients is why we’re here synthesizing cutting-edge cyber security services, and threat intelligence capabilities for every facet of the cyber security threat surface. IT Consultants & Cybersecurity Consulting.

A trust worthy relationship is build at the core of our comprehensive cyber security offerings, Sagicam International is an ISO 27001 Certified organization, in addition we are NIST 800-53/171 complaint based on our active with DOD contractor. Our cyber security and data security makes use of an overarching approach to deliver an overall risk management program based on: Cyber Security Program, Security Assessment, Data Protection, Systems Integration, and Managed Security Services to deliver data-driven risk management.

IT Consultants & Cybersecurity Consulting


The security team in charge of cyber governance assess policies, software, computer systems, and networks for vulnerabilities, then provides a solution suitable for that risks, by implement the best security solutions for your organization’s needs. Our cyber security consultants maintain cyber security measures to protect the integrity of critical infrastructure for financial systems, public health, science, and safety institutions, and defense, aerospace, and intelligence agencies.


Cyber Security Consulting  The cyber team in charge of  security assessment and compliance services help your business make the best decisions regarding capital, resource, and regulatory compliance costs for both current and future information assets.

Information Security Assessments Here,the cyber security assessment services includes: Penetration Testing, Social Engineering, Configuration Testing & Writing Information Security Assessment..

Virtual CISO, It Provides your firm with a board-level cyber security consultant, strategic leadership, security strategy & corporate cyber security consulting. Speak to one of our IT security business consultants today.

Data Governance,  It Provides your firm data protection officer to ensure data protection, helping your organization to handle increasingly large volumes of data and the related regulations, controls and disposition plans.

Sagicam International helps organizations with Cyber Security and Privacy Consulting Services, providing services such as Cybersecurity Program, Data Privacy Security Program, and Cyber Security Assessment services based on the following: NIST, ISO 27001, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI, DFAR, GLBA amongst others. Don’t risk regulatory fines.

Stay compliant with Sagicam International Security Compliance and Cyber Incident Response Services. For further details Call +237 675473427 or  +237 682302057.

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