SAGISOFT School management software
Management of schoolS & school life
Sagisoft School management
adapts to the running and management processes of schools, and is available in several languages.
SAGISOFT’s interfaces are both ergonomic and intuitive, suitable for both beginner and advanced users.
SAGISOFT meets the functional requirements of different institutions and can expand by integrating additional modules.
Several features are designed to automate multiple management processes according to the needs of the institutions.
Strict security protocols are applied at the level of access, storage and data transfers.
Several users work at once, share documents, calendar and school information.
All-in-one software package, the complete private and public school management solution
Modern platform for managing schools in motion

Simplified communication
SAGISOFT is the system of academic management and organization of school life par excellence. It allows you to communicate with all stakeholders of the education system safely and in the most efficient way, thanks to these synchronized portals, information sharing is done in real time allowing each actor of the school to follow close to the parts that concern him.
Whether via Email, sms, or push notifications on the mobile, the information reaches its recipient in perfect synchronization.
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Total dematerialization
Thanks to the SAGISOFT School Management Software, you can digitize all your documents and all your paper data.
SAGISOFT  allows you to save the resources related to the paperwork, to facilitate the documents sharing and their indexing but also to ensure the availability and the archiving.
SAGISOFT guarantees the backup and security of your data of any kind and facilitates access.
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Detailed reports
Aware that school management can not be improvised, SAGISOFT offers you relevant reports in order to gauge the quality of the actions carried out. From reports on student delays and absenteeism and academic performance reports to the most relevant financial reports, SAGISOFT provides you with a wealth of reports that provide you with an overview of your school.
The SAGISOFT technical team is at your disposal in case of need of specific school reports.
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Centralization of data
No more need for a thousand management tools and data scattered everywhere. SAGISOFT centralizes all the operation in a single platform.
Centralizing data is a crucial step to make your data grow and make the most of it.
SAGISOFT helps you to have all your data in one platform, once collected and retrieved from different media of information you use, you will not need any other channel, On SAGISOFT you will find all your data, even those previous years.Visit our Facebook page to know more about us.

Custom service

Our support services for implementation and support ensure an easy transition to the digitalization and modernization of your school. We offer a tailor-made service, with modules for each school that meet its needs and respond exactly to the problems encountered.
We take care of the installation, configuration and configuration of the system. the SAGISOFT team delivers the necessary training to the users of the software, and offers personalized support to each establishment.

Reinforced organization:Sagisoft School management is specific for schools,it  is a computer solution that makes it possible to run a school on a daily basis. It makes it possible to manage all of its activities (student and teacher files, schooling, absences, homework, exams, schedule, registration, …) thanks to school collaboration tools, the organization becomes fluid and controlled. It is a school life management tool for every institution wishing to develop with confidence and efficiency. SAGISOFT schools and training centers management software is an integrated management ERP.

A set of school management functions

Streamlined School Management Through Interconnected Features

Generate, maintain and monitor quickly and easily different schedules.

Course Management:Sagisoft School management has a powerful lesson management to synchronize classes and levels on an ergonomic dashboard.

Attendance Management
Create, monitor attendance records of students / staff

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