school management software application with report card and position

BEST SOLUTION FOR SCHOOLS (”Microsoft Excel cannot do this for you”)

School management software application with report card and position:Online School Management Application.

Do you know there are limitations in using Microsoft excel to manage schools or businesses?

No way to print 1000 or unlimited report cards and transcripts automatically right,you need to print one after the other?

Automatic Transcripts demonstrated and  explained

You will find login information and demo links at the bottom.


Exams statistics-Analysis demonstrated and  explained


Online Admission,pre-admission demonstrated and  explained


Attendance,Hostels,Library demonstrated and  explained


Automatic Report cards and yearly statistics demonstrated and  explained


Accounting,journals,employee management demonstrated and  explained


SMS module demonstrated and  explained


Automatic Report cards with ranks and transcripts for the entire class

Get automatic transcripts of graduated students,years back without stress of calculations!

Personalized report cards(any design you want)

Accounting system that integrates with students/pupils data account,personnel,teachers………

Control your finance,monitor accountants with usernames,passwords and limitations

Print account ledgers,account journals,statistics,trial balances and much more……………….

A hierarchy :The principal has all permissions,personalized limitations on accountants,teachers….

Students monthly performance report with charts -Individual subject performance,mark-sheets

Control any number of schools,sections,departments with the same software -Generate Annual Result,failed students,classes success table -Annual ,monthly,per subject result table…………………………..

Can be installed in a network without the internet for multiple users and connections

Manage your schools anywhere you are in the world

You cannot manage users with excel  except with access database,our software manages teachers and students accounts.we also offer mobile application design service

My Video below explains more.
Sagicam has business management and school management software that generates and prints reports cards(with ranks,averages…) and transcripts automatically,prints students term wise performance report,monthly reports,term statistics,yearly….

Teachers Administration

Our application generates and prints unlimited report cards with a single click,generates and prints transcripts,send students marks by sms to parents,students…

sagisoft management system reduces the administrative work of schools and teachers.

Sagisoft allows teacher management, provides an interface to view schedules, manage absences, record student results and textbook.

Parents and Students
This registration management application is a popular solution for the parent community. We ensure the school monitoring of their children while ensuring the respect of the confidentiality of their personal data.School management software application with report cards,transcripts and class position

school management software application with report card and position transcripts

Advantages Of sagicam`s school,college management software or application

Online registration
Dedicated enrollment management web application for schools, colleges and high schools
Avoid paper prints
Management of registration requests chronologically
Information, in real time, of follow-up of the requests (registration, assumption, acceptance, …)

Faster and smarter school management
Better management of teachers and students
Consultation of schedules
Direct link to your website
Customizable with the logo of the structure

Economy and profitability
Simple to use interface that requires no training
Same application for all schools
Payment by PayPal is possible in our school management software application with report card and position.
Confidentiality of your banking data,Student management (student card, registered, payment stamp, registration).
Student area and teachers on the application.
Card management (easy payment by card, student card, teacher card …).
Scholarship Management (Managing Scholarship Types)
Teacher management (work schedule, clocking, note management).
Registration management (registration by modules, by school curriculum …).
Payment management (monthly, annual payment, payment receipt).
Management of the Bulletins (management of the notes, certificate).
Management of absences (by pointing, manual).
Classroom management (course scheduling, events …).
Document management.Free website seo analysis is one of our service to atttract visitors to your site.
Time management software with transcripts
Export of data (Excel, Word, PDF) in our school management software application with report card and position


Parents’ area in our school management software

Academic success requires good communication with parents. The application of registration management, helps you to streamline the information of enrollment to schooling: educational and financial monitoring, consultation notes and textbook. With the help of such a school life management software, the time has passed when schools should get in touch with parents to inform them of the status of their child’s progress.We also offer website and graphic design services.


Teacher’s area in sagicam web school college management software

Sagisoft offers you an effective software for the analysis, planning and monitoring of the education sector. Our school life management application makes it easy to enter notes and bulletins in a simple and convenient way,a rich feature of our school management software application with report card and position. This registration management system also makes it possible to capture students’ absences in real time and facilitates communication between the various actors in the school (administration, colleagues, parents) in our school management software application with report card and position,we are available by video in our youtube page sagicam.



Online student registration is now accessible and individual with sagicam. This school management system allows to deepen student learning with technology. Our registration management solution also allows you to receive periodic newsletters, usually monthly, and quarterly bulletins include the results of class advice in our school management software application with report card and position

school management software
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for student
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Password: 123456

Accounting System



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