security camera installation services

security camera installation services:The widest selection of IP cameras for your industry
Residential, commercial, institutional, industrial and military solution
IP camera surveillance is the future of video surveillance, which is both extremely powerful and highly flexible. IP video solutions provide a reliable and powerful way to remotely control and protect business assets and processes. industrial. With 30x more detail than conventional CIFV CIFV systems, megapixel resolution delivers high-quality images and evidence comparable to Blu-ray technology.

security camera installation

More than 170 models available, for a small, medium or large company, we have the product for you! Depending on your needs, our range of security cameras is suitable with resolutions from 3 to 50 megapixels.


Equipped with an embedded Web server, network security cameras do not need a direct connection to a PC or other hardware or software to capture and transmit the image. Operating as independent units, network security cameras only need a cable IP network camera installation services

Images can be stored on hard disk or on a dedicated server, present on the network. Thanks to the power supply via Ethernet (POE) this same cable makes it possible to ensure both,security camera installation services



The video protection is for everyone:

The individual wishing to protect his house and / or apartment during periods of absence
Retailers and Distributors: Protect Customers Staff and Limit Flights and Secure Money Flows
Large spaces (warehouses, sorting center …) The video protection avoids errors of loading or unloading of goods from the exit of the truck, to the storage box, blind spots, flights
The copropieties: in the gardens, squares, common premises, entrance hall of the building, car parks, cellars …
Hotels: protecting customers and staff and limiting flights
Banks: Exposed to many risks, (vandalism, counter attacks, vending machine burglaries, hold-ups …) banks must prevent this kind of situation.



CCTV allows you to:

Dissuade and prevent shrinkage: Visible cameras and informative signs are a deterrent
Monitor sensitive areas (crates, aisles, spokes, store entry and exit …)
Reassure staff, the public and providers
Secure the exterior and surrounding buildings (parking, storage areas, entrances ..)
Fight against insecurity
Perform video doubt or video surveys from remote monitoring stations
Determine a conflict and intervention on the ground
Bring evidence and identify suspects in case of infringement and / or litigation; video protection is the tool of assistance to the essential inquiry
Save money: can replace guarding or vigil
Reliable and accurate traceability tool

 How to Use an IP camera

The installation and use of these cameras takes place in four stages:

Connect the surveillance camera to the router (internet box): the use of a cable is necessary at this stage
Find and assign the IP address of the camera (this requires a password, available on the sold equipment)
Position (fix) the camera
Once the internet box is synchronized with the camera: The image stream is accessible online via a web page (password protected access)

The different categories of surveillance camera

Infrared cameras: at night, they use light-emitting diodes placed around their lenses to spot infrared radiation (heat waves) and retransmit images in black and white.
Day / night cameras: they automatically switch to day mode or night mode depending on the brightness level.
Mini dome (discrete dome-shaped camera), motorized domes (rotations possible), spy cameras (which blend into the background).

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