Software to manage a school-Sagisoft Cameroon

Our Software to manage a school has The Admission / Enrollment Process,which involves a lot of activities such as creating and designing of forms, provision of the forms to the students, selecting eligible students per the Institution’s criteria as well as payment of fees. All these aspects generally usually results to mistakes and delay, thus affecting the process cost and time.Software to manage a school

This is where Sagisoft comes in. Sagisoft provides a feature rich online environment for instant and direct registration for any educational Admission/enrollment process.

Due to the huge number of students who push to apply for admissions into various institutions (Pre-Schools, Colleges and Universities), it poses tremendous problems and or pressure on the administration alone to handle the admission process manually within a shorter time period in an accurate manner.Software to manage a school

Software to manage a school-Sagisoft Cameroon

           With regards to market trends and demands, we have created a system of online application / enrollment where Institutions will have to forgo the hectic and tedious nature of manual application and focus on simple and semi-automated system of application/enrollment which both fits the Institution as well as its students/ applicants. Our online admission and enrollment platform can be perfected integrated to fit the needs of your institution and students.More about sagisoft on facebook

Online Admission-Sagisoft Cameroon

Every year, we come across a situation where so parents, and students will have to queue in long lines just to collect or submit their application booklets for enrollment into various institutions. This calls for fights, quarrels, bribery, and even some being rushed to hospitals over fainting and stuffs like that. On the other hand, this manual process does not go unnoticed in the Institution’s Management as it is always hectic.Software to manage a school.

Thus we bring you Online Admission and Enrollment System. Our main is to digitalize the Institution’s Management structure. Also, the goal of our online admission/enrollment system provides supportive measures for institution’s to easily access and utilize the applicant’s records booklet for further processing of their admission in a fast and concise manner.


  • It allows candidates to fill and submit their Application form from anywhere and at any time thanks to it having just one type of application form.
  • No need to stand in long queues in order to collect or submit your application booklet.
  • A change of application method from Manual paper work to digitalize systems helps in cost savings for the Institutions.
  • The online admission process helps reduce unwanted data as the administration will have to enter only eligible student’s data into the institution’s database after checking their applicant’s details.
  • The process will provide the precise and reliable outcomes with the standardization.
  • The entire admission process is very dynamic, if there are any changes in the system, it can be immediately be noticeable by the candidates.
  • Man Power Saving – Institutions will need not to allot additional manpower to manage their applicants.
  • Say NO to printing and storing of forms separately again.
  • Institutions need not collect forms of all their candidates before filling them.


Students Enrollment

Sagisoft provides Cloud based Online Enrollment and Admission Process for students. The system helps students and parents with efficient and smooth flow of registration for themselves or their children respectively.Software to manage a school

The comprehensive student’s registration process will be managed by the institution’s administrators who manage and streamline the admission process.

For the same reason, Sagisoft will also provide online registration form for all its partnering Schools, Colleges, and Universities to achieve their enrollment goals and boost student’s confidence about the Institution for which they apply to.

The students or their parents can fill the Online Admission Form for the Enrollment Process with all the student’s personal and academic information.

Students or their parents will need to upload all their Academic Certificates including school leaving certificate from their previous Institution as well as a photo for accurate identification.

The administrators will verify all the uploaded documents that appear as original copies, mark them as verified and approve the application for the further processing.

Parents or students should not worry about going to the institution to pay their fee. An Online Token will be sent to admitted students to pay their fee online through Sagisoft payment gateway which is free of charge.


Our interactive Mobile App will provide convenient access to Student Admission Process form in IOS and Android devices which will help in better communication using email and SMS notifications. Thus maximizing and controlling the enrollment of the students and hence saving time and up to 30% of the administrator(s) hurdles boosted compared to the manual paper scheme.  .

Employee & Non-teaching staff Enrollment

Online Employee Enrollment System streamlines the institute’s efficiency by guiding the employees through the Enrollment Process and providing them with proper application form to apply hassle free. Administrator(s) can manage the process closely, making sure that the enrollment process is perfectly completed on time.

It provides a tool for current employees to update and view their benefits. Also, this system is made available throughout the year to enroll new employees into the Institution to better enhance the Institution’s educational growth.Software to manage a school.

During Open Enrollment Process, our interactive system allows the job applicants to enroll using an easy process. Our powerful tools and easy upload capabilities allows the administrator(s) to manage employee’s information and other annual benefits for enrollment without any issues.

With employees management becoming time-consuming, complex and pricey, our interactive Mobile Application will provide convenient access to jobs application form which will help in better communication for hiring the employees using emails. This will help maximize and streamline the enrollment process of the Institution.


Academics Management will help our Institutional partners by providing them with a better means of expansion through efficient building of flow processes. The transformation of our Partnering Institutions from Manual paper works to digitalized administrative structures will help make work flow very simple and smooth.

Sagisoft helps students to achieve maximum results in their educational studies. The system creates the right environment for the students which helps bring them one step closer to success.

Our Interactive web based ERP module is integrated with all the academic features of education management with various learning and teaching tools which focus on students results.Software to manage a school

Students can perform better with the help of organized syllabus and well planned lessons. This helps to bring in a system of easy communication between teachers, parents and students. It is designed to support the institutions not only in improving in administrative workflows, but also to enhance the students at different stages of their learning journey.Software to manage a school


Class & Section:

Here, teachers will be able to check out the list of classes and sections for which they have been assigned to teach in by the Institution’s Principal or Administrator(s). Both the class number and class section is made available to teachers on the list.

Also, the list display the syllabus of the subject/course, as well as strength of the students in that course/subject. The administrator can also add new class name, code and stream or department as well as total number of students in that class or section.

Administrator can also do updates on a particular class, number of students in a particular class as well as updating the entire list of classes and sections in the Institution.


Teachers will be able to see the subjects they have been assigned to teach from the LIST of Allocated Subjects provided to them.

Subject codes (for example CHEM 201 for Introduction to Chemistry and ThermoPhy for Thermodynamic Physics) for each subject can also be added by the administrators.

In accordance with governmental regulations, every course or subject in any institutions must have a text book. Our Management system provides possibilities to add the recommended text book of each subject as well as its Software to manage a school

Also, the administrator can add more subjects to a specific class or all of the classes backed by the Institution’s Management.

Similarly, administrator can also allocate the different subjects to the teachers, which will help them in understanding about what subjects they need to teach in their lectures, with stream / department, employee name, class and section.


Both the administrator and teachers can manage the syllabus of different subjects for which they were assigned to teach. Thus helping them to know how to schedule a class as well as help them to complete the syllabus on time.Software to manage a school

Lessons planning:

Both the administrator and teachers can add a list of planned lessons on daily basis thus helping the teachers to know the subject, lecture code and their allocated lecture topics for which they have been assigned to. This will help in enhancing the speed to complete the syllabus in a time friendly manner.Software to manage a school

Assignments & Notes:

With the help of our interactive Mobile App, students can easily view their daily assignments and lecture notes which will be uploaded by their class teachers. Assignments and Notes will regularly be uploaded to the system viewable from Mobile and desktop applications. The name of the teacher uploading the assignment or notes will be displayed as well as the latest date for which students will have to submit their assignments.

Classwork & Homework:

Because our system provides a means by which teachers can upload class work or notes as well as assignments on daily basis, students who could not make it to school because of health issues or some personal problems can easily access the notes and assignments from their class teacher through our interactive mobile application which is made available to every student with a mobile app or computer.Software to manage a school


Administrator(s) can generate certifications available in the Institution. They can equally create new customized certificates per the institution’s liking and available resources. The certificates generated or created will always contain the student’s name, year of completion, issuing date, type of certification and course/program name.


The system Administrator(s) and teachers can add daily, weekly and monthly circulars if any. Events such as picnic or educational visits are referred to as circulars. They will upload the circulars to the system and from there, their students can view the circulars of specific date with the latest circular appearing first.
Students can regularly check for any upcoming circulars uploaded by their teachers or general administration.


Our system consist of an employee management system where significant personal information about an employee can be entered and stored in the Institution’s database. Employee’s information required will not be limited to the employee’s educational background, names, profile picture, work experience, contact information and address, work schedule through the help of a time table management. All these information will be made available to the administrator’s database of the Institution. Upon completing the creation of the employees account in the system, a code will be given to the employee from the administrator. The Employee can login into the system to check which department or position he/she has been assigned to work in.Software to manage a school

Our system also provide job application forms with complete details and requirements about the available positions for those in search for jobs.Software to manage a school


Employee Designation and database:

Under this feature, the Institution’s administrator can designate each of its employees with different designations such as Principal, Vice Principal, HR, Lab Assistance, Bursar, Teacher, Liberian, Security guard just to list a few. Each of these positions will be entered into the digitalized Institution’s database together with the employee’s personal information rather than the manual paper database base thanks to Sagisoft educational management system.


ID Cards:

The system also provides a means to create Identification (ID) Cards for the employees. Upon providing your personal details to an administrator, an instant ID card would be created siting important entities such as your Faculty, student, non-teaching staff or a teaching staff etc. ID cards can be generated in two different designs namely Landscape mode and the Portrait mode.Software to manage a school

Attendance Management:

Our system is such that an administrator can be able to create an attendance sheet of all the institution’s employees even through our interactive mobile application. Through this means the administration can watch all daily, weekly, monthly as well as yearly attendance of all their employees.

Leave Management:

In this management system, employees can choose which leave to apply for. The system consist of leaves such as medical leave, casual leave, education leave and Maternity leave etc. The administrator has all the privileges to monitor and approve leaves applied for by the Institution’s employees on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Both the administrator and employee can see the number of leaves an employee has applied for as well as number of leaves remaining per employee in a given academic year.

Payroll Management:

The administrator is in complete control over this system. The administrator is in charge of managing each and every employee’s salary. Employee’s details such as names, designation, pay head, year or month of payment and amount to be paid as salary are all made available to the administrator. The administrator can generate the pay slip after which payments have been initiated. Thus making it an easy way to create reports of payments made.Software to manage a school

Task Management:

This feature helps the administrator in creating different tasks for the Employees which are to be completed with a given time frame.

Committee Management:


This features allows the employees to create meetings with proper time schedule and specific agenda of the day. It helps in checking daily meetings and managing the same efficiently. They can view all the list of meeting in meeting list, which will help them to know the type and the time of meeting of the same module


Transport Management plays crucial role in Schools, Colleges and Universities. Administrator(s) have complete control over the institution’s transport system and will have to collect details of each vehicle, such as vehicle, number of seats, color if need be, routes as well as the drivers details such as driver’s name, license card number, driver’s phone number. Routes can then be assigned by the administrator to the various drivers and their vehicle numbers and size noted per their routes and number of students. The system has multiple features which help to notify users about their exact vehicle at any given point in time. Schedules are highly planned so that efficient routs can be chosen to drop the students or users in school on management system


Vehicle details:

This feature includes all the vehicles details such as the vehicle number, maximum number of seats, insurance renewal date, as well as the assigned driver’s name and his phone number and even the Institution’s details so as to aid in case of an software to manage a school


Driver details:

The system makes it super easy to handle driver’s details. The administrator can add newly recruited drivers into any Institution in their database by collecting their personal information such as names, vehicle number, Permanent Address, Date of Birth, Phone number and License number.Software to manage a school

Route Details:

Both parents and students themselves can check the pre-defined routes so that in case of any change in the route, the students or their parents will automatically get a push notification from the administration about the changes. The students can also check out their daily bus routine from start to stop.


The administrator can create and manage pick-ups and drop downs schedule for the students. Administrator can add, change and view the number of destination from pick up point to the drop point. Similarly, Students and parents can view the number of destinations from pick up point to the drop point.

Vehicle Allocation:

It provides all allocations of the institution’s transport vehicles. Administrator can assign the different transportation vehicles according to their student’s address and destination to pick and drop the students accordingly. The route and destination will show the vehicle allocated for the different groups of students living in the same area or nearby location. Thus helping the administrator in allocating the transport means efficiently.

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We live in an era where information mean everything. Even so planned and structured information is effortless to grasp and convenient. This holds true for any academic system and many other systems. Dashboard is a crucial tool in any academic system because it provides an overall control to all the features of that system. The dashboard usually works as the median of information collection and while displaying appropriate information to the user.

The dashboards generally includes the following features: Students, Teachers, Parents, Non-Teaching staff, other administrative staff.Software to manage a school

Dashboard page gives its users access to all the various academic modules like Student Management, Employee Management, Payroll Management, ID card, Library Management, Exam Management, teachers daily routine, class work, homework etc. The administrator can see total number of students, staff, and books in library. It proposes the consolidated data of the whole system as it plays an essential role in improving the user experience. And, we can guarantee the finest user experience while using this system.



Unique Dashboard:


Our developers understand the significance of Dashboard and how it will improve the overall efficiency and experience of the users. That is why we have a standard dashboard for different entities within the system.

Enhanced Dashboard for faculties:

The teachers will be notified of daily lectures and assignments to approve. They is also a library dashboard which shows all the number of books issued and returned as well as their names and authors.

Systematic for Regular Tasks:

All the various sections in the dashboard will help the user to work conveniently and create a better structured approach to handle his/her daily tasks.


Schedule time-tables:

The dashboard of Sagisoft provides dynamic creation of time table for all its users. Thus, users can create and maintain their regular schedules with much more accuracy.

Our dashboard is highly interactive and intuitive and a must like by any user. The dashboard has a system to provide latest updates about the Institution’s events to its users. There is also a student-parents-teachers dashboard section which displays the attendance details of each and every student

Sagisoft have been designed and developed with an initial idea of being an “Enhanced Education System”. This means that it is an interactive, flexible, easy-to-access and diversified platform which can be integrated into all sorts of modern school management application software


Administrators can handle and manage all the fee related institutional activities. They can also specify the type of fee payments with different mode of payment such as cash, Cheque or Visa cards.

Fee setting list will provide all the details of the students who have already paid their fees as well as those students who haven’t paid and hence mark them with late fees payment penalty. It will also display the stream in which a student studies. Administrators can also assign the fees head for different sections.

The most important feature of the fees management is Fees Collection. Once a student pays her fees to the administration, the administrator will provide all the details of the payee (student) such as admission number, mobile number, stream, class, section, student’s name etc. The fees management system at the end will display the fees status of the student (example: PAID).


Fees Settings:

Fee setting list will provide all the details of the students who have already paid their fees as well as those students who haven’t paid and hence mark them with late fees payment penalty.


Fees Head & Allocation:

It displays the stream in which a student studies. Administrators can also assign the fees head for different sections. The administrator has the privileges to add the type of fees head, group’s account name and even fees head name. In the fees head allocation section, administrators can add the different streams or departments with the class names, fees head as well as the amount being paid by the payee (student).

Fees Type:

This feature helps the administrator to add certain details like the type of payment being made and the various modes of payment like in cash payments, Cheques or visa cards.

Online Fees Payment & Collection:

The most important feature of the fees management is Fees Collection. Once a student pays her fees to the administration through an online payment TOKEN sent to her/him by the administration, the administrator will provide all the details of the payee (student) such as admission number, mobile number, stream, class, section, student’s name etc. The fees management system at the end will display the fees status of the student (example: PAID).


This component is highly accurate in reporting daily attendance of the Institution’s employees and students. Attendance can be marked by any department, class or section, which will later on be analyzed or checked by the system administrator, teachers or principal for any scrutiny or errors.

Sagisoft Management system helps to synchronize all their systems in the user’s devices so that the attendance data can be marked by any available device with daily integrated backup to the server. This helps even the mobile users of our system to mark their attendance from their mobile devices and backup on daily basis.

The attendance management feature also provides an option to create a customizable attendance report. All you need to do is to upload all the attendance information with every entry created and consolidate it with the attendance module.



Employee Attendance:

Our interactive mobile application helps the administrator to create employees daily, monthly and or yearly attendance results. Thus making it possible for the administration to be able to review the results in later dates.

Student Attendance:

Our mobile interactive application also helps the teachers to create students’ daily, weekly or monthly and or yearly attendance results which helps their parents to supervise and or monitor their children presence at school. Teachers can view the attendance of each and every student on daily, weekly, monthly or year wise through different classes, sections, stream or department.Software to manage a school

Register attendance & Regularize data:

Helps the employees and students to record their attendance from anywhere either through a web system or with our application in their mobile devices. This helps the administrator in regularly saving the unrecorded attendance automatically into the database while getting notified of any changes made by employees in their attendance data.

Record real-time attendance from mobile application:

Attendance management records real time attendance on daily or weekly basis through our mobile application integration from various devices. This data is seamlessly consolidated with the other education management modules. Employees can record their attendance or that of their students through a predefined access login using our mobile application. This will give the real-time daily update about what happens in the Institution and who (student/employee) is mostly or always a regular at school and who isn’t.

Manage complete attendance information:

Employees and students can view all their attendance information in an extensive and user-friendly way. They can monitor their attendance sheet with the help of our calendar provided in all our applications in all devices. They can also specify their leaves with regards to the Institution’s leave policies.

All-in-one Attendance management system:

The attendance management is not all that is needed by any institution but also one of the most important tool which assures them to have accurate attendance management. It is an essential system to reduce human error and cost related to it. Sagisoft provides all these features which are perfect solutions for all your attendance management needs.Software to manage a school


The SMS tool is one of the most important and dynamic tool of Sagisoft. Through our SMS feature we can connect students, employees, parents, and even administration or administrators on one go through any suitable SMS or messaging as well as notification device.

Users are able to send different kinds of information like Holiday Notifications, Birthday Reminders, Annual School Events and Sports Day. Parents can also receive a general notification in case their child is absent.

With this feature, users or an administrator can send text message or notification individually, group wise or in bulk. Hence critical or emergency messages as well as feedbacks can easily be passed between users of our application with an efficient and effortless gateway provided by our system.

The teachers and students can generally create highly customizable groups to help themselves in case of help like maybe asking of question you don’t understand from lectures while at home.

Teachers and Parents can also create groups to help parents stay updated about the day to day activities of their children at school.

This feature supports various types of messaging formats such as emails, chat messaging and individual messaging services.

There is also the possibility to attach files, images and links to any given message to be sent through the institute’s available resources.

There is also a module which allows users to be able to manage or handle their contact list. This means that every user is able to search any particular person he/she wants to send a direct message to be it student, teacher, parent or administrator. There is also the possibility to search for previous messages as well as view the entire list of messages.




  • Individual Notifications: This feature allows a user be it administrator, teacher, student or parents to send direct and individual notifications for a certain aspect or aspects such as student’s daily performance sheet, teachers-parents meeting, achievements and result announcement, student absent notification to the parents, Report cards etc.
  • Group Notifications: It will allow the user to send the notification to particular group of users for example between students of particular class and section, teachers of same subject or teachers to parents to keep them updated about their children’s daily performances etc. Note: Students, teachers and parents can only send notifications to the specific groups in which they have been added in.
  • Push Notifications: It is a service that pops up on mobile device. Users don’t need to be working online in order to receive the notification.

This feature helps in cases like it can send annual events date, sports events date, fees payment reminder etc. Push notification is similar to SMS and mobile alerts but the only difference is that it can be only received if the user has installed the required application on her device. Almost all mobile phones support push notifications and the world’s reknown mobile systems like Android, IOS Windows are not excluded.



  • Individual Messaging: This feature allows a user be it administrator, teacher, student or parents to send direct and individual Messages for a certain aspect or aspects such as student’s daily performance sheet, teachers-parents meeting, achievements and result announcement, student absent messages to the parents, Report cards etc
  • Group Messaging: It will allow the user to send the messages to a particular group of users for example between students of particular class and section, teachers of same subject or teachers to parents to keep them updated about their children’s daily performances etc. Note: Students, teachers and parents can only send messages to the specific groups in which they have been added in.
  • Bulk Messaging: It is a messaging service used to send bulk messages from an application to person(s). Generally large number of messages are sent through designed applications or system to the mobile phones or web applications API of specific group of recipients. Bulk messaging can make use of many solutions to send and receive messages from mobile app, software or by integrating an SMS API with their website or system.student management software Yaounde Cameroon buea kumba limbe

Advantage of SMS Notifications & Messaging:

  • Bulk Messaging enables all the users to connect and communicate in just one click and within few seconds.
  • SMS is both private and public. It goes straight into the recipient’s personal message ID and it is received through a mobile application or a desktop system.
  • SMS can be sent and received by the users from anywhere and anytime.
  • Sagisoft has developed features which can send individual messages or group messages.
  • Even if the mobile phone or desktop system is signed off the user can still receive the messages and can check them later.
  • SMS / Messages can be stored, forwarded and if required it can be used at a later stage for verification.
  • The sender can schedule the specific time and date to send the SMS and Notifications.
  • Bulk SMS is also possible from the Sagisoft application or system.
  • Over the globe, this module is much reliable and faster in communication for end to end users.


It is designed specifically to track school transportations and monitor student’s location in a secured manner. It helps to know if the student got on or off the bus so as to always update parents about their children as well as the school if need be. Through our cross platform system, teachers, students, administrators and even parents can monitor and track students as well as themselves.Software to manage a school Yaounde Kumba Limbe Buea Douala

This helps a lot because it tells the teachers or and administrators whether students come on time or not. I6t also tells the administration or parents whether the student is out of class or school or not.

Sagisoft come with a customizable GPS Tracking Solution designed for all the educational Institutions. It is primarily focused in enhancing the student’s safety as well as the transportation.

Key features of the students tracking system

  •  Track student attendance in classrooms.
  •  Scan and detect the students in the School premises.
  •  From the existing student information in the database, it can retrieve any desired data.
  •  Sends warning messages and also notify parents through this system.
  •  Generate and print attendance reports.


Administrator(s) and teachers can track the vehicle through Sagisoft vehicle tracking system. There is a real time Sagisoft GPS tracking system which helps even parents and students to track and view the vehicle’s live location.

Features for School Authorities:

  •  School Bus Live tracking on standard GPS map.
  •  Optimize route plans and helps to minimize the associated costs.
  •  Notifications of over speed and alert messages to make sure the vehicle is out of any theft or danger.
  •  Presents students’ travel log which may help in exploring the historical data.
  •  Generate the MIS reports to help in monitoring and enhancing the transportation activities.

Importance to Parents:

  •  Parents can have peace of mind while the monitor the travel status of their child.
  •  Regular SMS alerts to parents to notify the arrival of School Bus at the pickup/drop point.
  •  Locate the vehicle using mobile phones to get the latest travel location the school bus or student.


News is a necessary tool to keep students / parents informed about all the daily institutional activities. It provides update about various schools / college activities like: news, time table schedules, academic events, performances, student awards, and community occasions. It helps to keep students and parents updated about academic news as well as extracurricular activities on weekly or monthly basis.

Basically, even though online and direct news is superior to paper news format, many parents will still end up opting out of their child’s Institution’s news catalog due to lengthly and boring newsletters. Thanks to Sagisoft newsletter management system, parents can now enjoy short and detailed newsletters from their child’s institution.

Also, small institutions already know how important online newsletter is. As such many do run for online newsletter means. However, the cost of sophisticated online news letters has always been their barrier/hindrance in progressing due to the high cost in acquiring and maintaining such software. Thanks to our newsletter management system which is very cheap to afford and integrate small size institutions can now get the best of themselves.


Publish News

Sagisoft helps in creating News, the fundamental communication tool between schools and their students’ families. With Sagisoft application, communication become easier, flexible and time serving for parents, students, teachers and administration to send and receive short and precise news from an Institution.

Read News

Thanks to Sagisoft newsletter management system, parents can now enjoy short and detailed newsletters from their child’s institution. This has greatly been beneficial for many parents as the news they receive from their child’s institution is very short and time serving and even available anywhere at any time. Hence we can boldly say communication has been efficiently improved.



The student’s management system is an essential system which helps educational institutions to cater for each and every one of their students’ data. This system is capable of handling a considerable amount of students’ data. The system has been built with a common interest. Data stored under this system is not limited to students’ results from their examinations and other assessment scores, creating student schedules and time-table, regular tracking of students’ attendance, and other student-related data which are essential for the school.

As usual, teachers and or members of the administration will have to guide the students in the process of registration while they fill up their admission forms from the institution.

Our system has been built with the purpose of tracking individual student’s performances such as their daily attendance, events, their academic task and leaves etc. 

The system has been built such that students can get to learn about new generation technologies through their daily academic activities with the help of our system’s simple architect and easy to understand user friendly interface

Student Online Application


Sagisoft provides cloud based online registration and admission process for students. This enables parents and students to register or apply for admission of their child or themselves respectively in a quick and simple manner.

The Comprehensive students’ registration process is managed by administrator who well know how the system operates so as to speed up their registration process. The Administrator will provide an online data entry form for the applicant (student or their parents) to enter every required data (e.g student’s personal details and past academic details etc) that is needed. This helps to boost the student’s confidence about the Institution.

The administrators will verify all the uploaded documents that appear as original copies, mark them as verified and approve the application for the further processing.Software to manage a school

Parents or students should not worry about going to the institution to pay their fee. An Online Token will be sent to admitted students to pay their fee online through Sagisoft payment gateway which is free of charge.


Our interactive Mobile App will provide convenient access to Student Admission Process form in IOS and Android devices which will help in better communication using email and SMS notifications. Thus maximizing and controlling the enrollment of the students and hence saving time and up to 30% of the administrator(s) hurdles boosted compared to the manual paper scheme.  .

Student Attendance

With our interactive mobile application, teachers can create daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly attendance sheets of their students. This helps a lot as it tells their parents how cordial their child maybe at school and hence helps the parents to supervise their children from home. The students however can also view their attendance sheet to make sure no errors are made about their presence at school and in class.

Students List

This feature displays the list of all newly enrolled students into the Institution. The administration can decide to display all possible personal data about each data such as their name, contact number, profile photo, row number and registration number etc.

Student ID Cards

Sagisoft has a feature to auto generate students’ ID cards online after successfully completion of all the enrollment process. Students ID card will cover details such as the student’s admission number, names, contact number, class, section and department etc.

This feature is essentially helpful in tracking and monitoring the records of every user with a unique ID and Password. Also it helps to manage tasks, leaves, events all in a single platform.


Sagisoft management system has a feature rich capacity of generating students scheduled time table. The software can generate both theoretical and practical time tables. Since students’ time at school is very limited, it is very essential to plan and manage their time table efficiently with regards to time to make sure lectures are exposed at the right time and in the right class. Thus, helping every student to be accustomed with the subject matter which they have been taught.



Schedules that are well managed through the use of time tables provides productive and constructive development which brings sincerity and discipline in the growth of students thereby reducing their time wasted on other non-productive works.

Conditional changes in time table

The system has made it possible for the administrator to be able to add and delete time tables from the system.

Equal distribution of time for all the subjects

Our software has made it easy for time to be allocated to the different subjects offered by the institutions. Subjects can be given even or odd number of hours depending on the work load of the class, subject and department.

There is also the possibility to allocate time to a given task to be performed by the staff members or teachers.


Employee Time table:

From the time table menu, teachers and administrator can add and view different types of timetables such as Exam time table, School Events time table, Food menu time table, Class time table, teachers can create the time-table for each and every academic activity. This will help the students in scheduling their time as well as assign their time according to each and every academic activity.Software to manage a school

Student Time table:

From the time table menu, students can see the various types of timetables available in the system. Thus given the student’s privileges schedule their time according to their liking with regards to each and every academic activity.Software to manage a school

Food menu Time table:

Through our mobile application, users are able to see the menu from the school’s canteen Similarly, Parents can also see the canteen’s menu. An administrator is in charge of the caterer’s details, thus helping the administrator in analyzing the daily canteen food menu.


Sagisoft has been designed to provide integrated tools for Payroll Management. It has all necessary features and functionalities to handle and manage any educational institution’s payroll system. There is a smart prospect feature which helps to automatically create tasks, release scheduled payments, generate reports or pay slips, maintain and manage bills as well as a large number of payments easily. With this system, it becomes easier to understand complex financial calculations and there is also a feature for generating cooperate financial functions in the system.

Payroll is an essential function nowadays because with digitalization rapidly changing the world, many Institutions have swap to the payroll system as such it helps in analyzing and telling the administrator the types of payments adopted by Institutions as well as their clients.

The system is capable of paying workers reliably without delays, and thus certainly increase their confidence.

Additionally, it is a kind of necessity to be maintained with government and state laws. While this is an intricate procedure, having an effective framework streamlines and bring together the payroll method. The process alludes to the administration of an employee’s monetary record which may include their salaries, compensation, bonuses and final net pay.

The payroll management system is one of the most used software that has ever been built for the corporate world as it helps a lot to create a better solutions for different organizations or Institutions. According to the survey conducted by Global Payroll, it stated that almost 60% of organizations implement the payroll management system in their organizations because they understand the potentials of eliminating irregular paychecks and payment of tax from the top level authorities.


Salary Setting:

The Institution’s administrator can manage the salaries of the institution’s employees taking into account their names, designation, pay head and the amount to be paid to as salary. The administrator can also see the list of payments for a certain employee over a given time period.

Pay Head & Pay Type:

Displays and manage master data type with a feature to add different pay heads, pay head name and method of payment. The administrator can also add other payment methods in this module if authorized by the chief administrator of the Institution.

Generate Pay Slip:

After pay has been completed, the administrator can easily generate a pay slip. A monthly or yearly pay slip report can also be generated. There is also the possibility to generate dynamic salary slips for the employees with the employee’s designation. Thus this feature can create salary reports sent to employees.

Bank Connection:

Payroll management can sync automatically with employees bank making salary tracking smooth and efficient. With bank sync, all the transactions will be naturally categorized, letting employees focus on what really matters. Thus helps in direct transfer of salary into the employees account.

Reporting Tools:

Reporting Tool is a significant movement towards a better improvement of business intelligence and knowledge management. Many times, tools performance involves coordination with appropriate data while using reporting tools. It can be displayed in printable form and emails. This tool can create various kind of customized reports which involves human readable reports format.

Employee’s Salary:

In this feature, administrator can add the employee’s salary with an effective date of releasing the salary. The administrator can see the name of the employee with their designation, date of joining, and the department in which the employee works. The administrator can add, change or edit any employee’s salary list as well as connect their account to their bank account.This helps the administrator or board of directors to monitor the salaries of each and every one of their employees through their complete details.


With the number of educational institutions rising day by day, it calls for some institutions to provide their own hostels so that their students can live in.  The Hostel Management system has been developed for managing the various activities carried out in the hostels.

Hostel management system can be used where there is a large number of students and there is a need of proper alignment of all their tasks and track records. The module is very user friendly and have easy to use interface.

The administrator and teachers can view all the hostel accommodations and also can check the details of the hostel through Hostel Details menu. Resources can also be managed through the system and the system’s mobile application which make it more economical and efficient. Also through Sagisoft both the administrator and teachers can see the Hostel’s canteen menu from the system as well as the mobile application. Similarly, Parents can see all the hostel details by checking the Canteen menu.Software to manage a school

Students who applied for hostel accommodations can check all the details of the hostel through Hostel Details. They can also view monthly and yearly rental packages and the payment methods required. Parents or students themselves can also check the rental payments of hostel rent and the resources allotted to their children or themselves respectively such as lockers, bed, and other household equipment.Software to manage a school


Hostel Details:

It creates and maintains the Hostel Details with its various facilities, live updates about students and other management facilities. The administrator and teachers can view all the hostel accommodations and also can check the details of the hostel through Hostel Details menu. Resources can also be managed through the system and the system’s mobile application which make it more economical and efficient.

Hostel Canteen Menu:

Sagisoft provides a unique system for managing the Institution’s Hostel Canteen. Also through Sagisoft both the administrator and teachers can see the Hostel’s canteen menu in the system as well as the mobile application. Similarly, Parents can see all the hostel details by checking the Canteen menu. The system or its mobile application provides features to update food menu, maintain coupon records and deliver other regular updates to all the students and staffs.


The administration can create students’ scholarship programs which may help students as they study under financial aids. This feature helps students to apply for scholarship online. The online application process increases their accessibility and chances of making no errors, thus making the scholarship application process smooth and surreal. The automated scholarship program will avoid any duplications or errors, so as to ensure transparency with speedy and accurate submission of students’ scholarship application.


An institution can issue you a refund on your scholarship application suppose the administration has issued or granted permission for the scholarship to be awarded just to certain name or persons.


It is used as a financial aid for students who wants to further education. This is usually based on certain criteria of value and the different purposes of donor. The issued money from scholarship program does not need to be repaid.


In the modern era of education, information and technology has complete change the old foundation of education. Considering the endless evolution of humans, there is believe that education will continually change. This therefore means certain educational aspects are also bound to change. Some of these aspects would include; the objectives of education, structured curriculum, how assessment strategies work, what kind of technology and infrastructure is used and how leadership its policies can guide the students in attaining education goals?Software to manage a school

This feature is designed as an efficient tool to help the teachers in exam planningcreating exam papersQuestion Banks with their solutions, exams tableexams results, and allocating supervisors for the exams, Institutions can provide in-house exams they can also customize the marks or grade based exams. This system provides all the details on single platform, which enables better study environment and transparency in the institution.


Manual Examination:

Teachers can design examination papers with proper schedule plans. Sagisoft also provides the features in which teachers can add the manual examination details of the institution. They can set the different grading levels and different ranks of each and every student with respect to their performance in the exams. They can add the name of the individual student, with the total number of marks scored in different subjects.

Question Bank:

For better understanding and student’s guidance, the administrator can create the Question bank list for all the different subjects which was allocated to them (students).Teachers and administrators can import and upload different papers, question banks and solutions. Whereas, the students can view and download it from the system.

Online Examination:

The teachers or administrator(s) can create an online exam paper. In such an exam format, they can create questions for the exam paper. Also they can choose between multiple choice questions or long descriptive questions. The students will be notified about potential online exams. The students will need to sign up or log into their account to take the exams. The Teacher or an administrator can generate subject wise online exams and also provides instant results which may help the students to better evaluate themselves.

Set Grading/ Ranking Levels:

The online examination module helps in calculating the student’s grades and ranking levels. According to the students’ results, their ranks will be automatically allocated to them with repect to their performances. The student are bound to get fast results with better evaluation process.

Exam Result & Report:

The administrator or teachers can disclose the results of every student online. This feature helps to create, manage and release student’s results online efficiently. Also they can generate different types of Reports containing student’s monthly and yearly activities and performances being evaluated.

Supervisor and Examiner Management:

Administrator can allocate supervisors and examiners according to their field of work and specialty. The system will self-evaluate the class designation and allocate the class and section according to student’s class performance and ranking. Also, the administrator is able to track and view examiners reports after checking students examination papers.


  • Helps them to Create, Maintain, View, Upload and Download Reports, Results or Documents
  • Helps them to Manage Exam time table with proper planning and scheduling.
  • Create Structured Exam papers through Online Exam management.
  • A better way of monitoring of Student’s Performance
  • Provides every detail about the examiner and supervisor of different exams and subjects.
  • Parents can directly get their child’s performance Reports.
  • Get notified of daily, weekly and yearly examination reports.
  • Teachers can create Question Bank Online and can share it with all his students on the same platform.


Educational institutions are usually recognized as charitable organizations. In the same sense, the purpose of Sagisoft is to help in promoting, developing and enhancing the quality of education through financial supports. Educational institutions are mostly branded as nonprofit organizations which leads to negligence in financial aspects. It needs to have persistent growth with adequate funds for its development and the infrastructural needs. Thus, there should be standardized and smooth financial management in every educational institution whether it is a profit or non-profit organization. An Institution’s financial management system should be more focused and centralized in a systematic way for the development and acquisition of funds. Finance management is used to stabilize the financial position of the organization.Software to manage a school

Educational institutions are meant to have proper financial information and survival technics in a competitive environment. Major success depends on their ability to collect and use financial information in an adequate manner. Well maintained Institutions will always have the right sets of financial information. Certain rules, laws and procedures are very well defined in some educational institutions with the help of financial decision making.


Account Management:

The administrator can add an account master list together with the account name, balance and group name. This feature will handle all the account related activities and also helps to check-out the account master list. It can manage Bank or Cash transactions, Expense and General voucher for the Institution’s activities.

Fees Management:

The most important feature of the finance management system is fees collection. Administrator can handle and manage all the fee related institutional activities. The administrator can specify the type of fee payment paid with any mode such as in cash, cheque or visa cards. Fee setting list will display a complete detail of any student who has already paid his/her fee or a detailed list of any student who hasn’t yet paid his/her fees, thus aiming for a late fee payment penalty. It also shows the stream in which a student is studying. It provides high accuracy in professional accounting in terms of School fees, Issuing fee receipts and fee registration updates.

Financial Reports:


Different types of reports can be created by users of the software. Some of the reports which can be created here include Journal Book, Cash / Bank Book, GST Reports, Profit and loss reports, Balance sheet and trial balance reports etc. These reports helps the institution in analyzing, recording and calculating the total available funds and total profit as well as loss of the institution.

Master Accounts:


Finance management can operate and or handle different types of master accounts such as Expense Master, Bank/Cash Master, Tax Master etc. It may also be used for Bank related transactions. The tax master helps in knowing the tax rate for different tax imposed on the Institution related activities.

This module can also help in handling the Institution’s financial budget & expenses. The administrator can add the expense master which consist of details such as Expense master name, contact number, Email, GST details, PAN number, Opening balance, Bank & Branch Name etc.Software to manage and run a school yaounde Cameroon


Here is the latest technology which is used in managing security of the institutions. Security Gate / Front desk management is a developed system, which can manage and monitor all the security and front desk related activities. The developers of Sagisoft have developed this module in such way that it can sustain connectivity even in low internet bandwidth. Thus visitors are never troubled with low internet connectivity. It has long secured and compromised lines. The user friendly nature and simple to use features eases management of the database efficiently.

The Security Gate Management helps in tracking and monitoring the daily visitors in an Institution. The security gate employees will get features to align the process of visitor tracking and the rights to access the database to provide various institutional information. An Institution can commence its work without any worries as their information will be secured and dynamically organized to manage all the visitors’ data efficiently and accurately with effective operational activities.

Security Gate / Front desk management is safe and secured. A simple and integrated access to all the information keeps your database optimized and handy for the staff. It is a unique solution which resolves the various challenges with regard to visitors tracking. There is also a smooth interface for security staff such as the android application can only be accessed by PIN number which eliminates the concept of typing complex passwords every time.


The system helps to alleviate a wide range of security concerns for Schools and Colleges. Visitor ID cards are generally issued during the visitor’s check-in process when visitors arrive in the institution and communicate with the receptionist or front desk for any academic related information. Once the visitors explains the purpose of their visit, they’re given a visitor badge assigned specifically to them, sometimes if necessary containing their photo and signature.Software to manage a school

Reusable ID cards are an economical choice for visitor identification as these cards can be reassigned many times without any efforts. With front desk management, you can keep a database of every visitor who arrives and leaves the Institution. You can also scan ID proof documents such as their driver’s license and upload it to the database — a security measure that any institution can take to increase their safety.


Our software is capable of recording the purpose of a visit of the visitors – Significantly it will help to detect the details of frequent visitors based on the mobile number. The front desk staff will take a visitor’s picture.

Visitor’s Visit Tracking and Enquiries: A central record system to track all the visitor’s information.

  •  The module helps in recording details of visitors such as name, number, purpose of visit, etc.
  •  Stores picture of the visitors in its database.
  •  There are tools to generate, download and print visitor’s passed data.
  •  Record visitors in and out time after time, which helps to tell the number of visitors who visited the institution over a specific time period.
  •  Provides simple and easy user interface to ease the work of the front desk and security gates.
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