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System and network installation:Are your existing voice and data networks performing well enough for your users?
Modify, evolve, move … how to guarantee and optimize the availability of your networks?network administration
Whether wired, wifi and telecom, your networks do not tolerate any interruption of service.
Ensuring optimized design and deployment of your networks will ensure the performance and continuity of your day-to-day administration
Sagicam network skills Outsourcing and computer maintenance services Whatever your situation, you can call on our skills:System and network installation

Audit of your networks

Design and implementation of a new network adapted to your company
Deployment of a Wifi network,system and network installation
Evolution of your current network to complete it (new users, new hardware / software, …)
Optimizing your voice / data networks for higher availability
Moving your infrastructures,System and network installation
Choosing sagicam Services is to ensure:System and network installation setup home office network

advice and a personalized offer

a fast, qualitative and human service
continuity in the operation of your network
access to scalable solutions according to your specific needs System and network installation

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System and network administration of your company
When your business grows, you develop with it a computer network that must be managed and installed. To manage system and network administration, you can hire a system and network administrator, who is the competent person in this area. However it is a high load for your company that will not be able to control its IT budget.

You can use an external IT service provider to manage the administration of your system and network. So you can fully control your IT costs.

The role of the systems and networks administrator
Sagicam has IT professionals including 5 systems and network engineers and 2 certified engineers. We will be able to realize:

The installation of your network and its wiring.
We also provide configuration of your system and network. Your employees will be able to access the data securely.
We install the workstations and network them so that they can be connected to the server.
We will be able to administer your system and network and manage user and access management for newcomers.
The system and network administrator also maintains the network so that it remains functional and accessible to all employees.
System and network administration plays a role in the life of the company, our role is to manage the functioning of your network so that information flows in the best possible way without loss of time and without risk. We can offer you several services in order to improve information management and sharing within the company (installation of collaborative messaging, server accessible remotely ….).

System Administration and Network Specialist
Sagicam is a specialist in system and network administration for 7 years. Outsourcing experts, we can assist you in the creation of your network by performing its complete installation or can resume the management and administration of your system.

With Sagicam, you have a single point of contact to answer your requests for server access creation, e-mail configuration or any other network administration request.

Sagicam Services implements IT network communications solutions.
Sagicam Services sells all types of hardware and software: it has allied with the major manufacturers of the market: certifications Microsoft, Novell, SUSE Linux, Dell, HP, Symantec, …
Sagicam Services is the choice of tools that have proved their worth.

After the Audit and IT consulting,Sagicam Services implements the recommended solutions:

Sagicam Services ensures the deployment of all the equipment recommended and sold, reactively and efficiently. Our employees perform all the tasks necessary to commission the equipment, taking into account your specificity and your business requirements. Our deployment service includes:
– Implementation of the architecture and infrastructure of the computer network,
– Migration or deployment of servers,
– Creation of the Domain.

Computer network installation
The computer network of your company is the nerve center of your tools. Incorrectly installed, misconfigured, it may cause you slowdowns, errors, … To ensure optimum operation of your equipment, we achieve:
– Implementation of an Intranet / Extranet Network / Internet Network,
– Installation and administration of local networks and remote networks,
– Laying computer network cabling,
– Installation of various hardware, peripherals and computer software,
– Computer network settings.

Setting up different software
Computer park and computer server management The configuration of the equipment of your computer park is a key phase. It must be planned and carried out taking into account your history and your equipment already in place. For that, we make sure:
– the recovery and migration of data,
– At the test and taken in hand,
– At the creation of the technical file,
– At the realization and delivery of the network installation report,
– the transfer of competence,
– At the handling of messaging tools.

The computer network is the nervous system of your business. Many attacks and nuisances threaten your computer network, it must be properly protected against all intrusions and deliberate attacks.

A high-performance network is a highly secure network

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