WordPress Development

WordPress Development: Are you interested in building your own themes and plugins for WordPress? Normally, learning WordPress might look like a difficult thing to do but once you have started, you will realize how simple it is. With constant practice and following our steps, you will learn PHP and also code your own themes and plugins from scratch.

In order for you to be able to use WordPress, you need to understand how it works. WordPress has 3 major components which is core, themes and plugins. While designing your website, you need to make it professional especially with the images and logos. Visit our page Logo design to know more about graphic designing.

Wordpress Development


With the WordPress Development core, it has everything that makes up the WordPress content management system (CMS). Such things include password strength checking, scheduling posts and many others. It is responsible for the back-end of a website and how it operates. The core is responsible for the creation of pages, posts and other site contents. know more about our Full stack web development  training, Practical Software development training and computer maintenance and networking programs.


The themes are in charge of the front end and how the website looks. The theme is in charge of the way posts and pages are being displayed on the website. You can have absolute power over your website with the help of themes. It is very possible for you to just install and activate pre-built themes. We have so many of them on the net. However, you can still decide to go out of line and design your own from scratch. If you learn how themes work and how to be able to develop them, you will be able to create websites and also create single page websites or even websites which are dynamic and also has heavy content.You can visit our YouTube page to watch free courses on web design. We also offer Graphic design courses, Practical Digital marketing Training ,Mobile App Development Course and Practical laravel Training.


With regards to plugins, they provide additional functionality to wordpress. A plugin may be used to customize or modify either the front end or the back-end of a website. An example is the plugin that adds the whatsapp button for live chat. When you install this plugin, it would certainly create a new setting page in the backend menu where you can be able to customize and set up some default options for the whatsapp live chat. It can also be displayed on the front-end of the website. Plugins are very important in wordpress because you can change everything from a simple forum to a social media network, eCommerce sites and many more with the help of plugins. With plugins, you have absolute control over every aspect of the wordpress system and you can be able to modify anything you want.

If you master these three concepts very well, creating your own website will be a very simple thing for you to do. You can visit our page create a website to know more about this.

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